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Blood II: The Chosen

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Nice, but where's the trigger?

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Blood II: The Chosen
Blood2 Cover.jpg
Offical Boxart
Release Date: 1998
Developer: Monolith Productions
Publisher: GT Interactive Software
Series: Blood
Platforms: Windows
Genre: First-Person Shooter

The following weapons appear in the video game Blood II: The Chosen:


Hybrid Beretta 92

A Beretta 92 Pistol that resembles an original Beretta 92SB for the most part, but is mostly chrome and has a slide like the Beretta 92FS Brigadier Inox and also lacks a frame-mounted safety like on a Taurus PT92 (but is clearly not a PT92 because the Beretta logo can be seen on the handgrip), as well as having forward slide serrations appears in the game as the starting weapon. They can be dual wielded.

Beretta 92SB - 9x19mm
Beretta 92FS Brigadier Inox with Hogue wrap-around grips, as seen in The Matrix Revolutions - 9x19mm
Taurus PT92AFS with Slimline Black Factory Grips - 9x19mm
The Beretta Taurus PT92SBFS Brigadier Inox's model

Caleb about to dispatch a cultist with his Beretta

Caleb goes into "John Woo" mode with dual Berettas

Ophelia firing the Beretta "Gangsta" style as the alt-fire for a single Beretta is to fire it sideways, which is faster with lower accuracy.

Submachine Guns


A MAC-10 with an ADCO Square Shooter red dot sight appears in the game seemingly as a replacement for the Thompson from the previous game. It lacks a charging handle and has the ejection port on the left side. The Ejection port is also closed implying that the gun is firing from a closed bolt. They can be dual wielded and they share ammo with the Beretta. The secondary fire unfolds the stock and fires slower shots. The official website shows a slightly different design and is named the "Mac-20 Sub-Machine Gun" that resembles the MAC-10 from Shogo: Mobile Armor Division also by Monolith.

Ingram MAC-10 - 9x19mm

Caleb, holding a MAC-10, stares at a civilian who is nonchalantly standing in front of a suspicious washing machine

Caleb dual wielding MAC-10s

After finding an MAC-10, Ophelia first unfolds the stock...

...then firing it.

The original "Mac-20" design for the submachine gun.



A fully-automatic M16 series rifle with what appears to be a fake M203 grenade launcher resembling the one from Predator appears as the second fully automatic weapon available. It fires faster than the MAC-10 but obviously can't be dual wielded. It somehow shares ammo with the Beretta and MAC-10 despite clearly having a 5.56x45mm magazine. The retail M16 is equipped with an improvised underslung grenade launcher that is reloaded from the front and attached to the M16 via tape (firing the same "Die-Bug-Die!" cans used by the Insect-a-cutioner bug spray) while a poster in a gun shop early on and beta screenshots show it originally had an M203 attached.

Screen-used Faux M203 launcher (39mm) attached to M16/SP1 (5.56x45mm) configured as seen in Predator © Copyright MPM2008 - 2009 Licensed to www.imfdb.org
The world model of the M16 with no launcher

Caleb with his M16 in the Nightmare Levels

Ophelia fires the attached launcher.

Loading a new "Die-Bug-Die!" canister into the M16's launcher.

Oddly the actual world model of the launched grenade is a traditional grenade instead of a a bug spry canister.

Ophelia finds a poster for the M16 showing the original launcher.

Enfield L85A1

A highly modified Enfield L85A1 appears as Blood 2's version of the Tesla Cannon from the first game.

Enfield L85A1 - 5.56x45mm NATO
The world mode of the "Tesla Cannon".
Holding the "Tesla Cannon".

Barrett M82A1

A green Barrett M82A1 is available ingame as the only sniper rifle. It's incorrectly operated as a bolt-action rifle.

Barrett M82A1M - .50 BMG
Caleb with an M82A1 in the Nightmare Levels

Machine Guns

Browning M2HB

The Browning M2HB appears as an unusable prop on the top of the Cabalco Industries Model 1701D Airship in the level "CAS Revenant".

Browning M2HB on vehicle mount - .50 BMG
Blood 2 M2 Browning.jpg
Blood 2 M2 Browning2.jpg


Sawed Off Shotgun

The Sawed-off shotgun returns from the first game, but now with a more generic appearance. It needs to be reloaded every two shots and both barrels can be fired simultaneous They can be dual wielded with a notable error in that the player character has two right hands holding both Shotguns.

Sawn-off Baikal shotgun, similar to the one in-game.
Caleb with a Sawed-off about to blast an Axe Zombie

Pancor Jackhammer

The Nightmare Levels expansion adds in a Pancor Jackhammer as a second shotgun. The Secondary fire launches a gas grenade out of the same barrel as the shells, how that works is anyone's guess.

Pancor Jackhammer - 12 gauge
Gabriella with a Pancor Jackhammer in the Nightmare Levels. Bizarrely it has slugs mounted on the side but the weapon fires like it's using normal shotgun ammo

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