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Beretta M1918/30

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Beretta M1918 - 9x19mm Glisenti. This is very similar to the later M1918/30, but is distinguishable by the position of the trigger and the bolt release catch.
Beretta M1918/30 - 9x19mm Glisenti. Variant with Carcano-type stock and Vetterli trigger guard.
Beretta M1918/30 - 9x19mm Glisenti. Variant with proprietary stock and trigger guard.

The Beretta Mod. 1918/30 is a semi-automatic carbine that was produced by Beretta from 1918 to 1938. The first iteration, known simply as the Mod. 1918, was developed at the end of World War I by Tullio Marengoni. It fired from a closed bolt operated by a cylindrical hammer, which was cocked by a retracting ring located at the rear of the receiver. This unusual cocking handle earned the gun the nickname "Il Siringone" ("the syringe"). The magazine feed took 12 or 25-round box magazines, and featured a sliding dust cover which closed off the feed opening from dirt when it was unloaded. The gun was stocked like the Carcano cavalry carbine, with the same folding spike bayonet. The Mod. 1918 did not come into production before the war's end and saw little commercial success in the years that followed, despite featuring in advertising by Beretta.

Several improvements of the weapon's trigger mechanism and bolt release catch were made in the late 1920s, which resulted in a new model being introduced in 1930, known as the Mod. 1918/30. This updated model proved to be more successful and was adopted by the Italian Forestry Corps and the Blackshirts (the armed wing of the Italian Fascist Party). A small number of guns, totaling no more than a few hundred, were also delivered to the Italian Army for issue to tankers. The Mod. 1918/30 was also exported to Argentina, where it was adopted by their Federal Police.

The Mod. 1918/30 served as the basis for the prototype Beretta Mod. 1935 carbine, which in turn became the Beretta Model 38, the standard service submachine gun of the Italian Army during World War II.

The Beretta Mod. 1918/30 is commonly, and mistakenly, claimed to be an improved version of the Revelli-Beretta, however beyond sharing similar furniture, the two guns had nothing in common mechanically.


(1918 - 1938)

  • Type: Carbine
  • Calibers: 9x19mm Glisenti
  • Weight: 7lb 2oz (3.2kg)
  • Length: 33.5 in (850 mm)
  • Barrel length: 12.5 in (317 mm)
  • Capacity: 12 or 25 rounds
  • Fire Modes: Semi-Auto

Beretta M1918/30 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:

Video Games

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