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Alibi Breaker

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Alibi Breaker
Alibi Kuzushi Uketamawarimasu
Country Japan.jpg Japan
Language Japanese
Channel TV Asahi
Creator Seiichiro Oyama (novel)
Yoshihiro Izumi
Genre Comedy
Broadcast 2020
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 7
Main Cast
Character Actor
Tokino Mitani Minami Hamabe
Yoshiyuki Saji Ken Yasuda
Yuma Tokai Ryo Narita

Alibi Breaker, also known as Alibi Kuzushi Uketamawarimasu (Japanese: アリバイ崩し承ります) is a 2020 Japanese TV series. The series stars Minami Hamabe as Tokino Mitani, who runs a watch shop and also an excellent private detective and offers an alibi cracking service, and Ken Yasuda as Yoshiyuki Saji, an elite police officer who struggles to solve a case and requests Tokino Mitani for help.

The following weapons were used in the television series Alibi Breaker:


Colt Python

Tokino Mitani (Minami Hamabe) uses a Colt Python during their reenactment with Yoshiyuki Saji (Ken Yasuda) in a crime scene in Episode 6.

Colt Python Stainless Steel variant with 4" Barrel and Colt marked rubber combat grips - .357 Magnum
The Colt Python in a drawer in Episode 6.
Tokino Mitani (Minami Hamabe) picks up the Colt Python.
Tokino aims her Colt Python at Yoshiyuki Saji.
A close-up of the revolver's barrel.
Tokino aiming the Colt Python.
Tokino aims the Python at Saji's leg.
Tokino aims her Colt Python at Saji.
Tokino puts the Colt Python on Yoshiyuki Saji's (Ken Yasuda) mouth.
Tokino Mitani (Minami Hamabe) holds the Colt Python with a clock attached to the revolver.
A closeup of the Colt Python with a clock, showing off the markings.
A production image of Tokino Mitani (Minami Hamabe) with the Colt Python.
The image of Tokino aiming the Colt Python at Yoshiyuki Saji (Ken Yasuda).


FN Model 1910

Katsuo Hirane (Yôichirô Saitô) uses an FN Model 1910 to murder Nunoda Makoto in Episode 6.

FN Model 1910 - .380 ACP
Katsuo Hirane aims the FN Model 1910 at Nunoda Makoto in Episode 6.
A closeup of the FN Model 1910.
The Model 1910 being fired by Hirane at Nunoda.
Another angle of the FN Model 1910 with markings visible.
The Model 1910 being fired.
A postman finds the FN Model 1910 that Hirane used for murder, after the postman loads mail into his van. Note the vintage FN logo on the grip.
The FN Model 1910 in an evidence lab, where it is referred to by name.
A picture of the FN Model 1910 on a buyer's list.

Walther PPK/S

Katsuo Hirane (Yôichirô Saitô) also uses the Walther PPK/S to murder Nunoda Makoto in Episode 6.

Walther PPK/S blued with flat-bottom magazine - .380 ACP
Katsuo Hirane (Yôichirô Saitô) holding the Walther PPK/S in Episode 6.
Hirane holding the Walther PPK/S.
Hirane puts the PPK/S on a table.
The Walther PPK/S with the markings visible.
A picture of the Walther PPK/S on a buyer's list.

Weapons Buyer List

Kyasarin Muraki (Kaera Kimura) hands an envelope containing a list of gun buyers with gun images to the police detectives in Episode 6 to help solve a murder case.

The list with gun images containing a Smith & Wesson Model 36, a Colt Government Model, a Glock 17, a Tokarev TT-33 and a SIG-Sauer P226.
The second page of gun images containing a Colt Model 1903, a Walther PPK/S, a Smith & Wesson Model 36, an FN Model 1910 and a Smith & Wesson 3913.

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