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Akiba Maid War

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Akiba Maid War
Akiba Meido Sensō
AMW BR CC cover.jpg
NA Blu-Ray cover.
Country Japan.jpg Japan
Language Japanese
Genre Action, Crime, Comedy
Broadcast Fall 2022
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 12
Main Cast
Character Actor
Nagomi Wahira Reina Kondou
Ranko Mannen Rina Satou
Yasuko Yaegashi Ayahi Takagaki
Yumechi "Yume Hiiragi" Minami Tanaka
Shiipon "Shino Goto" Tomoyo Kurosawa
Zoya "Cheburashka (Чебурашка)" Jenya Davidyuk
Okachimachi Aya Hirano
Nagi "Uzuko" Junko Minagawa
Debt Collector Kouki Uchiyama

Akiba Maid War (Japanese: アキバ冥途戦争 Akiba Meido Sensō lit. "Akiba Underworld War") is an original Black Comedy anime produced by Cygames and P.A. Works. It was directed by Sōichi Masui and written by Yoshihiro Hiki. Taking place in Akihabara in 1999, the show follows a 17-year-old girl named Nagomi Wahira as she inadvertently finds herself sucked into the criminal underworld of maid cafés.

Note the "Meido" part of the title is a pun of the Japanese pronunciation of the word "Maid/Meido" (メイド), which is pronounced the exact same as the word for the world of organized crime: "Underworld/Meido" (冥途).


The following weapons were used in the anime series Akiba Maid War:

Colt M1911A1

The Colt M1911A1 with nickel plating and wood grips is used by many different characters throughout the show, and is the standard armament of the Maidalien Group maids. The assassin in Episode 10, is seen with a M1911A1 which is missing its ejection port.

Nickel Plated Colt M1911A1 - .45 ACP
Rock Island Armory M1911A1 that was bright nickel plated by the owner (with Pearl grips) - .45 ACP
The M1911A1 in the air right before Ranko Mannen catches it. The hammer is incorrectly up despite the previous user firing it beforehand.
Ranko loads her captured M1911A1
The Oinky Doink Café maids run from the illegal casino, showing the top of the pistol. Many characters are shown using trigger discipline during the show, despite the show depicting criminals in the 90's.
An M1911A1 in the opening.
The hammer correctly drops when the user fires...
...and the slide recoils, ejecting the spent casing.
A character in the opening chambering the pistol.
A Wuv-Wuv Moonbeam maid aiming the M1911A1.
Another Wuv-Wuv Moonbeam maid aims the gun...
...and fires.

Smith & Wesson Model 10

The Smith & Wesson Model 10 is used by Ranko Mannen as her primary weapon. It is also frequently used by other characters and the standard armament of the Creatureland Group. Due to animation inconsistency, the barrel/front sight frequently change back and forth between the standard tapered barrel Model 10 and the heavy barrel Model 10.

Smith & Wesson Model 10 Revolver - .38 Special
Smith & Wesson Model 10 HB (heavy barrel) revolver (Post 1950s Model) - .38 Special. Later incarnations of the Model 10 had a non-tapered heavy barrel, which leads it to be commonly mistaken for a .357 revolver.
About to embark on a path for revenge, Nagomi Wahira strikes a Terminator pose with the Model 10.
Ranko retrieves the revolver from her locker.
"Okachimachi" with the revolver, giving a good look at the top.
An angered Toritateya aims the Model 10 at Ranko after she pours him too much water.
Dateno Taira aims the revolver at Yasuko Yaegashi.
Ditto after cocking the revolver. The advanced chamber is correctly shown with an empty casing in it, since she fired a shot in a prior scene (though the casing isn't visible in this particular screenshot).
Ranko advances the revolver, with the cylinder correctly rotating.
Ranko dumping spent casings in the OP. She is only shown doing this in the first episode and is never again seen reloading the weapon. Note in said scene the CG casings incorrectly have unstruck primers.
Nagomi loading new carriages into the revolver. A variation of this scene is also used in the OP.
The center pin appears to be missing.
About to flick the cylinder shut, to the pain of revolver enthusiasts everywhere.


The IMI Uzi is used by Maidalien Acting Representative Manami "Supernova" Yamagishi.

IMI Uzi with buttstock collapsed - 9x19mm
The Uzi is seen being fired in the OP.
Miyabi about to hand Manami the Uzi.
Manami advances while firing the Uzi at the Oinky Doink Café maids.
The Uzi on the ground after Manami gets tackled by Nagomi. The bolt is incorrectly depicted as closed here.
Nagomi kicks the Uzi away, giving a view of the top of the SMG.
Ranko shoots the legs of the rival maids after acquiring the Uzi.

M20B1 "Super Bazooka"

What appears to be a M20B1 "Super Bazooka" is first seen being held by Yasuko Yaegashi. The rocket launcher is subsequently used by Shino "Shiipon" Gotou to destroy the Creatureland Group wood carving. The launcher lacks any sights, is missing the contactor box, and has no monopod.

M20B1 "Super Bazooka" - 3.5" Rocket
An enraged Yasuko holds the launcher after returning to her café.
The launcher falling to the ground after she gets punched by Zoya.
Shiipon runs to the roof while holding the launcher.
...and firing, somehow not frying her fellow pig maids with the backblast.
Closeup of the rocket.

Mk 2 Hand Grenade

A Mk 2 hand grenade is thrown by the Maid Casino Dealer at Ranko Mannen, but Ranko catches the grenade and throws it back. Note the screenshots have had their brightness edited due to how dark the scene is.

Mk 2 hand grenade
The Casino Dealer yells at the Oinky Doink Café maids while holding the grenade. Note this screenshot has been cropped.
Throwing the grenade after pulling the 5 pound pin with her teeth.
Ranko catches the grenade, which still has its spoon despite the pin being removed... (note this screenshot has also been cropped).
...and returns it to sender. Due to the gas leak cased by "Okachimachi", the entire building interior goes up in a fireball.

Cork Air Rifle

A cork-firing air gun, a staple of Japanese festivals, is seen being being used by children during the "Lady Omoe Festival" It is also held by the Bear Ace Maid when the Creatureland maids harass the protagonists at the festival.

Japanese-made air gun - cork projectile
(This appears to be the exact model featured in Akiba Maid War)
Children using the air guns at the Bear Café booth during the festival.
The Bear Ace Maid with the air gun.
For some reason the barrel and front sight change in one of the shots.
Good view of the bolt of the cork gun.

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