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A Certain Scientific Railgun S

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A Certain Scientific Railgun S (2013)

The following weapons were used in the anime series A Certain Scientific Railgun S:


Beretta 92FS

In the first episode, a criminal who was taken to a certain hospital uses a Beretta 92FS to take Erii Haruue hostage. A certain hospital Erii's friends Mikoto Misaka, Kuroko Shirai, Kazari Uiharu, and Ruiko Saten were also visiting. Taking the main characters' friend hostage was probably a mistake. In an interesting parallel to the first season, the 92FS makes a single appearance in the hands of a random criminal unrelated to the main plot, and is used to take people hostage.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
Erii eyes the extremely detailed Beretta, which features trademarks and a serial number; this is an American-made 92FS (civilian, not an M9). (Ep.1)
The criminal warns Anti-Skill officers Aiho Yomikawa and Tsuzuri Tessou not to come any closer. (Ep.1)

Colt Government Model

The M1911 design returns as the most common pistol type in the series, this time as the Colt Government Model, being used by Anti-Skill as well as various less-than-reputable groups. The Government Models in this universe feature a "standard" curved pistol trigger instead of the actual M1911-style solid trigger which goes into the rear of the trigger guard. This is very obviously an intentional design liberty rather than an error. The Government Model is notably used by Anti-Skill officers Aiho Yomikawa and Tsuzuri Tessou as their sidearm, and STUDY leader Haruki Aritomi after being cornered in STUDY's headquarters by Mikoto; one is also claimed as a trophy from a slain enemy by Frenda Seivelun of ITEM.

Colt Government Model - .45 ACP
Aiho Yomikawa draws her Government Model after taking fire from the escaping criminal's MP7A1. (Ep.1)
Aiho and Tsuzuri order the criminals to surrender. While Tsuzuri clearly has a sidearm, it's never actually seen directly. (Ep.1)
Mikoto Misaka and Ruiko Saten notice Aiho's drawn pistol. Strangely the gun's frame is mirrored, but the slide isn't. Trademarks are visible on the slide. (Ep.1)
Frenda Seivelun takes a Government Model from its deceased owner, and checks the magazine. Again, GOVERNMENT MODEL and 45 AUTOMATIC CALIBER are visible on the left side of the slide. (Ep.8)
Frenda holds her new toy while discussing swimsuits and swimming pools with Rikou Takitsubo and Saiai Kinuhata. (Ep.8)
As Mugino Shizuri explains ITEM's next task, Frenda complains while waving the Colt everywhere. (Ep.8)
After activating STUDY's last resort weapon, STUDY leader Haruki Aritomi pulls a Government Model... (Ep.24)
...and aims it at his own head. (Ep.24)
Haruki taunts Mikoto one last time, showing that the right side of the slide is marked with GOVERNMENT MODEL. (Ep.24)
From the other side of the room, Mikoto watches Haruki struggle to go through with it. (Ep.24)
He pulls the trigger... (Ep.24)
...and the pistol falls to the floor. (Ep.24)

Glock 18C

After being discovered by Saiai Kinuhata of ITEM, Shinobu Nunotaba disarms one of Saiai's henchmen of his Glock 18C and holds it on them. The gun is seen set to semi-automatic, which is correct as it only fires one shot.

Glock 18C - 9x19mm
Shinobu grabs the henchman's Glock from his waistband... (Ep.9)
...and flips it into her hand. (Ep.9)
Saiai looks down the G18's barrel, seeming rather uninterested. (Ep.9)
A one-sided faceoff. (Ep.9)
Shinobu asks Saiai to stand aside. Saiai super can't do that. (Ep.9)
Shinobu fires the Glock. (Ep.9)

Colt Rail Gun

In a flashback, a Colt Rail Gun is used by Misaka 1 against Accelerator in the very first experiment of the Level 6 Shift Project. The pistol differs from the real one in having an external extractor, target sights, and aftermarket grips, however it does feature a "real" M1911 trigger, unlike the Government Models seen above. Misaka 1 fires a total of seven rounds, and the slide does not lock back on the last, indicating it is loaded with an eight-round magazine.

Colt Rail Gun - .45 ACP
Showing good trigger discipline, Misaka 1 chambers her Rail Gun. The round can be seen being loaded into the chamber, and the hammer is also cocked in the process. (Ep.13)
The Railgun clone shows off her Rail Gun. This is definitely the sort of humour the Sisters would appreciate. (Ep.13)
Misaka 1 informs Accelerator that she's been given permission to shoot him. (Ep.13)
Misaka 1 opens fire, with the predictable result of every round being deflected by Accelerator's passive Reflection ability. (Ep.13)
Accelerator taps Misaka 1 and sends her and her Rail Gun flying across the room. (Ep.13)
The Sister dutifully picks her Rail Gun back up, firing it at Accelerator, who hasn't quite decided he's actually going to go through with killing her. (Ep.13)
Misaka 1 spares him from making that decision, courtesy of his Reflection. (Ep.13)

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP7A1

Before taking Erii Haruue hostage with the Beretta, while attempting to escape under the guise of being a dead patient, the same criminal opens fire on Aiho and Tsuzuri with an MP7A1 fitted with a 40-round magazine.

Heckler & Koch MP7A1 - 4.6x30mm
The criminal reveals himself to Aiho and Tsuzuri. (Ep.1)
He opens fire, hitting a smoke detector and setting off the fire alarm. (Ep.1)

Assault Rifles

FN F2000 with GL1

The standard issue weapon for the Sisters are modified FN F2000s fitted with FN GL1 grenade launchers, designated F2000R in-universe; the rifle is nicknamed the Toy Soldier due to its (polymer, futuristic) appearance. The F2000R visually differs from a standard F2000 with its custom-made section added to the muzzle, which both serves as a flash hider and makes the rifle and launcher's forms blend together better, making it look more like one single weapon. As the F2000R is said to be rather quiet (comparable to cheap firecrackers) it can be assumed the custom muzzle device also dampens sound, although not nearly to the degree a true suppressor would. While externally identical, the F2000R's scope housing is actually home to an onboard electronic fire control suite which has features like infrared target detection, target movement prediction, and wind compensation. The F2000R's targeting suite is usually linked to the Sister's signature Electron Goggles via a cable that plugs into what would be the scope's rear lens on a standard F2000, which, among expected accuracy and ease-of-use benefits, allows tactics like firing around corners.

The F2000R is notably seen used by Misaka 9982 and Misaka 10031, while Misaka 10032 does not bring her rifle to her own experiment, instead opting to use only her esper powers. Also worth noting is Misaka 10031's fight is considerably longer than its original depiction in Index, as it includes the entire prep and beginning portion of the fight (the original scene starts with the fight in progress) as well as notably altering the details and order of the events of the rest of the fight, which also gives her F2000R far more use on screen.

FN F2000 - 5.56x45mm / FN GL1 - 40mm
Level 6 Shift Project researchers Yumi Kusakabe and Eiga Kanmi order newly-created Misaka 9982 to clean up the most recent experiment. Several of those Sisters' F2000Rs can be seen on the floor. (Ep.4)
In a close-up of the bottom left of the above shot, it seems this Sister was caught while reloading. (Ep.4)
Misaka 9982 discreetly retrieves a double bass case containing her F2000R from a train station locker. (Ep.5)
After meeting Accelerator for the 9982nd experiment, the Sister chambers her Toy Soldier. (Ep.5)
Misaka 9982 dodges a falling air conditioning unit, showing how her Electron Goggles are plugged into what is normally the rear lens of the scope. (Ep.5)
Misaka 9982 uses her linked F2000R to observe Accelerator around a corner... (Ep.5)
...before revealing herself and opening fire, the rifle's muzzle flash illuminating her. (Ep.5)
A close-up of the custom muzzle; note the two side ports and longer gas tube. (Ep.5)
Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, the Sister's burst is returned to its sender, shattering her Electron Goggles and injuring her. Misaka 9982 abandons her Toy Soldier, which was presumably later retrieved by the Sisters sent to clean up the experiment. (Ep.5)
In Shinobu Nunotaba's imagination of what would happen if the clones resisted the project, a group of Sisters are seen tossing their goggles and rifles into a fire. In reality, after the experiment ends the surviving Misaka clones actually keep their gear. (Ep.9)
Misaka 10031's open double bass case, showing how the F2000R and its accessories are stored. (Ep.13)
Resigning herself to her fate, Misaka 10031 chambers her rifle. (Ep.13)
Misaka 10031 fires her F2000R from cover. The mark on the wall and sparks are from her shots being reflected back at her. (Ep.13)
A fantastic shot of the rifle's front end as Misaka 10031 fires her GL1. Immediately after this she turns and runs away, which is where the original Index scene begins. (Ep.13)
Misaka 10031 fires her Toy Soldier backwards while running, one-handed. This burst returns to graze the side of her head and break her Electron Goggles; in the original sequence, this hit her in the right shoulder (and she never lost her goggles). (Ep.13)
In both versions, the above injury results in 10031 down on the ground, as Accelerator tells her a riddle. Diverging again, unlike the original she does not fire a shot upward here and have her rifle damaged when subsequently using it as a shield. (Ep.13)
Still having her rifle in this version, Misaka 10031 fires her F2000R one-handed again. This burst hits her in the right shoulder, giving her the same story-required injury she got earlier on in the fight in the original version. (Ep.13)
Misaka 10031 tries to fire one last time, but finds her gun is out of ammo. (Ep.13)
In one final effort to finish the fight, Misaka 10031 throws her empty Toy Soldier at Accelerator... (Ep.13)
...which only serves to smash it to pieces, the same fate as its original incarnation, though this time much later on and entirely out of ammo. Railgun S version Misaka 10031 put up one heck of a fight. (Ep.13)

SIG SG 552

Anti-Skill's standard issue SIG SG 552 only makes a couple of cameos in this season, and is identical to its previous appearance, featuring an Aimpoint CompM2 sight, flashlight, and longer handguard section.

SIG SG 552 - 5.56x45mm
Anti-Skill officers hold their SG 552s as one of STUDY's powered suits approaches. (OP2)
Kuroko Shirai teleports two to safety as the powered suit smashes their cruiser. This is an exceptionally detailed shot of the SIG, but is only a fraction of a second long. (OP2)
As they hit the ground, another can be seen with his SG 552. More notably, this is the clearest shot in the series of the sidearm used by the generic Anti-Skill officers. (OP2)
As Kuroko and Mikoto ask Aiho for information regarding the powered suits, an Anti-Skill poster featuring a pair of SG 552s can be seen above Aiho. (Ep.21)
The same poster in slightly different colours can be seen as Mikoto and Kuroko go to leave, better showing one of the SIGs. (Ep.21)

Sniper Rifles


A mercenary is seen using an SVD fitted with black synthetic furniture on a rooftop, to cover his faction's meeting with ITEM.

Izhmash Tiger with synthetic furniture used on later production military SVDs - 7.62x54mm R
The sniper informs his colleagues that there's no sign of ITEM showing up. (Ep.8)
The sniper and the man with the briefcase look on in horror after their third man's van exploded, courtesy of Frenda. (Ep.8)
The mercenary senses a certain explosive-loving blonde behind him... (Ep.8)

Barrett M82A1

The Sisters' full-auto M82A1, named the Metal Eater MX in-universe, is seen being aimed by a Sister in Shinobu Nunotaba's imagination of what may happen if the Sisters started resisting participation in the Level 6 Shift Project. The MX is a prototype model (thus the X), its select-fire ability was removed from the rifle's final production model. As the scene featuring an unnamed Sister using a Metal Eater MX against Accelerator in the first season of A Certain Magical Index was omitted from this season, this may be her cameo, although with the sheer number of Sisters it could just as easily be any other. As a note of trivia, much later than the anime seasons have adapted, a further development of the rifle, the Metal Eater M5, makes an appearance. The M5 is a modified MX, and thus has the prototype's full-auto setting, and has a modified grip, scope, and a water-cooled (yes, water-cooled) barrel.

Barrett M82A1 - .50 BMG
A Sister shoulders her Metal Eater MX while on a rooftop. (Ep.9)
A close-up of the scope and upper receiver as she aims the rifle. Note that she's not actually using the scope, as the MX is presumibly linked to her Electron Goggles. (Ep.9)

Heavy Weapons

Fictional Rotary Cannon

STUDY's large mechs feature dual rotary cannons that resemble the M197 Vulcan; the autonomous, white-painted versions also feature a large tank-style cannon that fires a particle beam based on Shizuri Mugino's Meltdowner ability.

GE M197 Vulcan - 20x102mm
One of STUDY's large mechs, designated 01 and piloted by Shunichi Kosako, shows off its dual cannons. (Ep.24)
Mech 02, piloted by Kenji Madarame, also features dual rotary cannons. Forget 20mm, these are more like 200mm. (Ep.24)
Kenji opens fire on the assembled Judgment members with his cannons. (Ep.24)
With Febrie on her back, Mikoto faces an automated version of the same mech. In addition to its rotary cannons, this model features a single large cannon based on Meltdowner's ability. (Ep.24)
The trio of Meltdowner-based mechs train their weapons on Mikoto and Febrie, as Haruki Aritomi taunts Mikoto. (Ep.24)
After Kazari Uiharu trips, Saten Ruiko rushes to her aid as Shunichi and Kenji's mechs close in on them. (Ep.24)
By Haruki's command, the mechs charge their particle beam cannons at Mikoto and Febrie. (Ep.24)


M84 Flashbang

During her fight with Mikoto Misaka, Frenda Seivelun, after putting in earplugs and covering her face with her beret, drops an M84 flashbang grenade hidden under her skirt to disorient Mikoto. It should be noted that the pin had already been removed, as Frenda simply brushes her hand lightly across the side of her skirt and the grenade falls out, spoon already flying off. How she kept the spoon attached under her skirt is left to one's imagination.

M84 stun grenade.
Frenda drops the flashbang grenade from under her skirt, the same place she carries most of her other explosives. Note that the spoon is already detaching. (Ep.8)
The M84 hits the ground with its spoon fully detached as Frenda covers her face. (Ep.8)


Academy City Military

When Accelerator was around ten years old, there was an incident at school involving other children that escalated to the point where the military was called in to end it. To avoid filling this page with half-a-dozen duplicates of these images, all the weapons are listed in one entry.

A line of main battle tanks aim their cannons at the young Accelerator. They feature Browning M2s on the roof and presumibly coaxial machine guns. Attack helicopters with chin guns, and HsPs-15 powered suits with the fictional grenade launcher from the first season are also present. (Ep.16)
Maybe if this child were so strong that no one would dare oppose him, he could finally have peace. (Ep.16)

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