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The Winter Hut on the Studyonaya (Zimovye na Studyonoy)

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The Winter Hut on the Studyonaya
(Zimovye na Studyonoy)
Zimovye poster.jpg
Original Poster
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Igor Negrescu
Release Date 1986
Language Russian
Studio Kievnauchfilm
Main Cast
Character Actor
Yeleska Shishmaryov Boryslav Brondukov
Ksyusha Katya Gozhenko
Flegont Aleksey Gorbunov
Liodor Dmitri Nalivaichuk
Mikhey Zotych Yuriy Dubrovin

The Winter Hut on the Studyonaya (Russian: Зимовье на Студёной; Zimovye na Studyonoy) is a Soviet 1986 family movie, directed by Igor Negrescu and based on the works by Dmitriy Mamin-Sibiryak.

The following weapons were used in the film The Winter Hut on the Studyonaya (Zimovye na Studyonoy):

Vetterli converted shotgun

Liodor (Dmitri Nalivaichuk) tries to hunt a hare by the Vetterli Rifle, converted to shotgun but Mikhey Zotych (Yuriy Dubrovin) tooked it from him. The exact model can be ID by the shape of the trigger guard and rear part of the bolt.

Vetterli Model 1870/87/15 - 6.5x52 mm. The screen gun lacks a mag and it's stock are shortened.
The Vetterli converted shotgun is seen lying on the sled. The typical trigger guard can be seen.
Liodor grabs the shotgun...
...and fires it.
The another view of the same scene.
The bolt handle can be seen.
Mikhey Zotych holds the Vetterly shotgun, which he tooked from Liodor.
Mikhey Zotych gave back the Vetterly converted shotgun to Liodor. The sling attaching ring can be seen.


Yeleska Shishmaryov (Boryslav Brondukov) owns a Shompolka shotgun, which he uses throughout the movie.

1860 Russian-made Single Barreled Percussion Shotgun
The muzzle, front sight and handmade ramrod can be seen.
Yeleska with the shompolka on the sling.
The percussion lock can be seen.
The shompolka is a good seen.
Note, that the sling is attached to the buttstock, not the ring.
Yeleska holds the Shompolka shotgun. The typical shape of the percussion lock hammer can be seen.
Note the gun leight.
Yeleska puts his shotgun on the snow.

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