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OSS 117: Lost in Rio

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OSS 117: Lost in Rio
OSS 117: Rio Ne Répond Plus
OSS117LIR poster.jpg
American Movie Poster
Country FRA.jpg France
Directed by Michel Hazanavicius
Release Date April 15, 2009
Language English
Studio Mandarin Films
Distributor Gaumont
Main Cast
Character Actor
OSS 117 / Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath Jean Dujardin
Dolorès Koulechov Louise Monot
Professor Von Zimmel Rüdiger Vogler
Heinrich Alex Lutz
Carlotta Reem Kherici

OSS 117: Lost in Rio is a French 2009 retro spy spoof that is the sequel to the 2006 film OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies. Director Michel Hazanavicius returns, as does Jean Dujardin as the sexist and bigoted French secret agent Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath, code name "OSS 117." The second film takes place in 1967, 12 years after the original, and while no one acknowledges the passage of time, OSS 117 recognizes that the president of France is now Charles de Gaulle and not René Coty, as was emphasized in the previous film. The film was shot entirely in Brazil, again mimicking the older spy films of the sixties and seventies.


The following weapons were used in the film OSS 117: Lost in Rio:


Walther PP

Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath / Noël Flantier / OSS 117 (Jean Dujardin) carries a Walther PP as his sidearm.

Post war Walther PP - .32 ACP
A close up of Hubert's Walther while firing at the Chinese henchman during the shootout in Gstaad.
OSS 117 burst into a shanty with pistol drawn.
OSS 117, wearing the gardener's old clothes, seeks out Bill Trumendous.
He surrenders his Walther.
The PP on the floor.
Dolorès and OSS 117 demand Von Zimmel to give up.
After being frightened by his own shadow inside the Cristo Redentor statue OSS 117 locks his Walther PP to put it in his shoulder holster.

Beretta M1934

The Chinese henchman, their siblings, and Carlotta (Reem Kherici) carry Beretta M1934 pistols.

Beretta Modello 1934 - .380 ACP
Chinese henchman point their Berettas on OSS 117.
A Chinese henchmen (Chao Chen) seeks revenge on OSS 117.
"Say bye-bye to Rio, OSS 117."
And two more (Jean-Claude Tran and Bing Ying) confront OSS 117 in a Brazilian hotel.
And yet another (Patrick Vo) during an attempted murder.
This one (Joseph Chanet) was actually looking for Trumendous.
Beretta Modello 1934 Stainless - .380 ACP
Another closeup for an M1934.

Luger P08

Professor Von Zimmel (Rüdiger Vogler), the Nazis, and his luchador henchmen carry Luger P08s. Colonel Koulechov (Louise Monot) takes one away from Friedrich (Alex Lutz) before handing it to OSS 117.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm Parabellum
Zantrax and Blue Devil fire upon a fleeing OSS 117. (IMDb lists two actors for each role) As you can see, Zantrax's P08 has locked open, and yet he still fires, indicating CGI muzzle flashes.
Two Nazis point their hidden Lugers at OSS 117.
OSS 117 and the Nazis in a standoff.
Professor Von Zimmel fires his P08. Carlotta can be seen with her M1934.
OSS 117 looks at his empty magazine after firing a hilarious amount of bullets.
"Adieu OSS 117."
Professor Von Zimmel wearing an SS-Standartenführer (Colonel) uniform threatens to kill himself.

Browning Hi-Power

A Browning Hi-Power is used by Bill Trumendous (Ken Samuels) throughout the film.

Commercial Browning Hi-Power - 9x19mm
Trumendous steps out of the shadows with his Hi-Power.
OSS117LIR HP 02.jpg


Colonel Kutner (Laurent Capelluto) holds an IMBEL MD1 on OSS 117.

OSS117LIR SBM 01.jpg


M1 Carbine

Brazilian Policemen wield M1 Carbines throughout the movie.

Modern Manufactured M1 Carbine - .30 Carbine
Two Police Officers with their slung M1 Carbines.
A blurry view of the muzzle behind Dolorès Koulechov (Louise Monot).

Unknown Rifles

Some Policemen can also be seen with unknown rifles which appear to be variants of the 1908 Brazilian Mauser.

IMBEL Mosquefal M968 - 7.62x51mm; for comparison
Four policemen in the distant standing in front of a truck armed with rifles.

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