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Mickey Blue Eyes

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The following firearms can be seen in the film Mickey Blue Eyes:

Mickey Blue Eyes (1999)

Walther PPK/S

Johnny Graziosi (John Ventimiglia) uses a suppressed Walther PPK/S when he barges in on Michael (Hugh Grant) and Gina (Jeanne Tripplehorn). Gina subsequently fires the PPK towards the ceiling when the bullet ricochets into Johnny. Vinnie D'Agostino (Joe Viterelli) uses a PPK to "shoot" Gina at the wedding. In the last two pictures of the PPK pictures, the gun doesn't look much like a PPK to me.

Walther PPK/S stainless - .380 ACP.
Johnny aims his PPK at Michael.
Johnny with his PPK.
Gina fires a single shot from Johnny's suppressed PPK into the ceiling.
Vinnie draws his PPK at the wedding.
Vinnie aims his PPK at Gina.

Smith & Wesson 6906

Frank Vitale (James Caan) carries a Smith & Wesson 6906 during the shootout with Al (Vincent Pastore). He then gives it to Michael who drops it twice in the restaurant.

Smith & Wesson 6906 - 9mm
Frank checks his Smith & Wesson during the shootout with Al.
Frank hands Michael his Smith & Wesson to "look the part" of a mobster.
Michael drops the Smith & Wesson while trying to "Mexican carry" it.

Beretta 92FS

Frank Vitale (James Caan) uses a Beretta 92FS when he "shoots" Michael Felgate (Hugh Grant) in preparation for the FBI sting. At the wedding, Frank is forced to hand his blank-loaded Beretta over to Vito Graziosi (Burt Young) in exchange for Vito's son Johnny's revolver. Most of the FBI agents at the wedding carry Beretta 92FSs as well.

Beretta 92FS - 9mm
Frank aims at Michael in the warehouse.
Frank hands his Beretta over to Vito.
Beretta-wielding FBI agents bust the mob wedding.

Ruger Security Six

Vito Graziosi (Burt Young) gives Frank Vitale (James Caan) a Ruger Security Six revolver with stainless steel finish, short barrel, and rubber grips to shoot Michael. Note the adjustable sights. Only the Security Six had adjustable sights.

Ruger Security Six with 2.75" barrel and Hogue Rubber Grips - Stainless Steel .357 Magnum
Vito shows Frank the gun he is to use.
Frank takes the Ruger.
Frank nervously aims at Michael.
Frank awaits Michael's reaction to the gunshot.

SIG-Sauer P225

One of the FBI agents carries a SIG-Sauer P225, which he uses to "shoot" Vinnie.

SIG-Sauer P6 (P225) - 9x19mm.
An FBI agent fires a SIG P225.


An FBI agent carries a Galil during the wedding bust.

IMI Galil Select Fire AR rifle - 5.56mm
An FBI agent with a Galil.

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