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Follow Me, Scoundrels!

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Follow Me, Scoundrels!
Mir nach, Canaillen!
Movie Poster
Country GDR.jpg East Germany
Directed by Ralf Kirsten
Release Date July 31, 1964
Language German
Studio Defa Gruppe 60
Deutsche Film (DEFA)
Distributor VEB Progress Film-Vertrieb
Main Cast
Character Actor
Alexander Manfred Krug
Ulrike Monika Woytowicz
Leutnant Lübbenau Fred Düren
Countess Lübbenau Carola Braunbock
Lord of the court Norbert Christian
Denhoff Marion Van de Kamp
Kronenberg Harald Halgardt
Freiin von Lübbenau Helga Göring

Follow Me, Scoundrels! is a 1964 East German swashbuckler film directed by Ralf Kirsten. Prussia 1730: The king sends his men in search of new recruits. The "Hanoverian peasant canaille" Alexander (Manfred Krug) meets all the requirements. The rascal begs the recruiting officer until he is accepted into his "royal" family and presented with ducats. The enchanting little daughter is also to become his property.

It was DEFA's first and extremely successful swashbuckler film in 1964. Together with director Ralf Kirsten and screenwriters Joachim Kupsch and Ulrich Plenzdorf, the then newly crowned audience favorite Manfred Krug took on the idea of inventing an adventure film like Fanfan la Tulipe.

The following weapons were used in the film Follow Me, Scoundrels!:


Chatellerault Gendarmerie

Alexander (Manfred Krug) takes two Chatellerault Gendarmerie‎ pistols from the Lübbenau's arsenal. The use of percussion weapons in 1730 is an anachronism.

Pistolet Chatellerault Gendarmerie - .58 cal
Alexander moves both hammers of the acquired pistols.
He fires one while on a burning hay wagon.
Placing a percussion primer cap on the hammer.
While Augustus II the Strong (Erik S. Klein) gives a speech, Alexander stands next to him. The pistols are tucked into his trousers which offers a view of the grips.
One pistol is used by him to ignite the fuse of a grenade.

Chatellerault Mle. 1822T

The Chatellerault Cavalry Model 1822 is the most used sidearm throughout the movie. It is used by Leutnant Lübbenau (Fred Düren) and the second coachman (Joachim Bober).

Pistolet Chatellerault Modèle 1822T - .69 cal
Alexander and Lübbenau fight each other which offers a view of the left side of the pistol.
Leutnant Lübbenau fires at his servant (Friedrich Teitge).
Cocking the hammer...
...to take a shot at Alexander.
The coachman points his pistol at the Minister of Finance (Helmut Schreiber). Note it has the ramrod.

Potsdam Model 1823 UM

The first coachman (Willi Neuenhahn) is seen with a Potsdam Model 1823 UM which switches to a Chatellerault pistol in the next scene.

The flintlock pistol is seen on the right.


Enfield Pattern 1853

What appears to be Enfield Pattern 1853 musketoons are used by Prussian soldiers.

Modern replica of an Enfield Pattern 1861 Musketoon - .58
Soldiers with their musketoons watch Alexander. Note the out-of-time sling swivels.
The right side is seen as the soldiers stand up.
A view of the hammer and the rear sight on the left.
Another musketoon is fixed on the horse' saddle to the left.

Long Guns

Saxon soldiers are seen with unknown long guns which are not seen in detail.

Soldiers performing the changing of the guard.
The muzzle is visible between a soldier and Alexander.


Wall of Guns

Various pistol, muskets, and crossbows hang on the wall.
Alexander looks at the weapons and thinks about which one to take.
Another view of the pistols in the background which are Chatellerault Mle. 1822Ts and a flintlock pistol.

Fuse Grenade

During the chase at the movie's end, Alexander throws several fuse bombs at his pursuers.

1700 Hand Grenade
Alexander holds a just ignited grenade.
Using another one to ignite a third grenade.

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