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Deadfall Adventures

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Deadfall Adventures
PC Boxart
Release Date: November 15, 2013
Developer: The Farm 51
Publisher: Nordic Games
Series: Deadfall Adventures
Platforms: PC
Xbox 360
Playstation 3
Genre: First-Person Shooter, Adventure

Deadfall Adventures is a first-person shooter adventure game developed by The Farm 51 (creators of NecroVisioN) and published by Nordic Games. The story is set in 1938 and follows James Lee Quatermain, great-grandson of famous adventurer Allan Quatermain. James is hired to escort Jennifer Goodwin, a US Agent, to Egypt to search for the mythical "Heart of Atlantis". After an attack by Nazi German troops as well as mummies, these events lead James and his colleagues on an across-the-globe adventure from the jungles of Guatemala to the frozen landscape of the Arctic.

For some unknown reason, a patch post-release for the PC version removed several weapons from single-player, namely the Mauser M712, MP34, Mauser M1916 Selbstlader, AVS-36, and Pzb. 39, making them available only in multiplayer. They can only be used in single-player only in early versions of the game, by intentionally downgrading the PC version or console versions.

The following weapons appear in the video game Deadfall Adventures:


It is worth noting that in the iron sights on handguns are not used, and for aiming Quatermain demonstrates his idea of aiming, which apparently consists of squinting at the side of it. He will not actually use the sights even using a single handgun.

Webley Mk VI

The Webley Mk VI is the standard sidearm for the player. As in real life, it is a break-action revolver, meaning that the spent cartridges are ejected when opened. Like all of the sidearms, it is dual-wielded and appears as the "Mk.VI".

Webley Mk. VI - .455 Webley
James arrives at the temple complex, Webleys in hand.
He then "looks" down the sights as he scans the temple.
Following his scan, he decides to reload his Webley revolvers, just to be safe. The aforementioned strange patch changed reloading animations as well, and in the later versions of the game, Quatermain simply replaces the Webleys' cylinders, as in Bioshock.

Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer

You can find the Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer rather early in the game. Although it is called "C-96" and the model has C96 markings in-game, it is actually the Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer as it can be fired full-auto and has the 20-round detachable magazine. As is standard for all sidearms, it is dual-wielded. Appears as the "C-96".

Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer - 7.63x25mm Mauser
James looks at his new M712s after arriving at the Arctic base. The left gun is incorrectly just a mirror of the right gun, a typical mistake games still make.
He aims his Mausers at a JU52, thinking he can scare it into operating again.
Following his failed attempt at scaring the plane into working, he reloads his M712s.

Remington 1858 New Army (Cartridge Conversion)

If you buy the Digital Deluxe Edition, you can choose between the Webley .455 Mk VI and the Remington 1858 New Army with brass frame and cartridge conversion as your standard sidearm. As is standard for Mr. Quatermain, the 1858 New Army is dual-wielded. The Remington 1858 appears as the "Quatermain Pietta". Pietta is an Italian company that manufactures modern reproductions of historical firearms, with a replica of Remington 1858 one of their offerings. When reloading, the Quatermain simply replaces the cylinders.

Remington 1858 New Army - .44 caliber
Remington 1858 New Army (Cartridge Conversion) - .45 Long Colt
James looks at both the temple, as well as his Remingtons. Note that the loading gates are mysteriously missing.
He decides to check out the revolver's sights, and draws a bead on a nearby wall.
Having checked his revolvers over, he decides to reload to make sure he's ready for anything that could lurk inside.

Luger P08

The game features the long-barreled "Artillery" Luger LP 08 under the name "P-08". Quatermain dual wields a pair as with all other sidearms.

Luger LP08 long barreled "Artillery" model - 9x19mm
Having searched the Arctic base further, James looks at his newly found Lugers.
Hearing some odd noises in a nearby barracks, James aims his P08s at the door...
...before reloading, just to be safe.


The Bergmann-Bayard appears as the "Mars" with the rare 10-round magazine, but is incorrectly depicted as a fully-automatic pistol, a feature which was not available in real life as this is a semi-automatic pistol. The "Mars" name is also incorrect, as this was the name given to a similar, but earlier model of Bermann pistol, the Bergmann Mars.

Bergmann-Bayard M1910 - 9x23mm Largo
James stares at the distant temple, Bayards at the ready.
After getting some bad vibes, he aims the Bayards at the temple, in an attempt to scare off evil spirits.
Having learned that spirits aren't scared by Belgian guns, he decides to reload.

Walther P38

The Walther P38 is first found in the Arctic campaign. As is standard of the sidearms, it is dual-wielded and appears as the "P-38".

Walther P38 - 9x19mm Parabellum
James finds a small passage as well as a new set of German pistols.
Fearing the idea of a German ambush, James aims his P38s at the road ahead.
When no such attack arrives, he reloads his P38s and goes on his merry way.

Tokarev TT-33

The Tokarev TT-33 Pistol can be found in the Submarine site in the Arctic. Even it cannot escape the sidearm rule, as it is dual-wielded. Appears as the "TT-33".

Tokarev TT-30, first version of Tokarev pistol - 7.62x25mm Tokarev.
James stands up on a German U-boat while flashing his Russian handguns.
James aims at the sub, hoping the crew hasn't noticed him.
After waiting, he decides to reload his Tokarevs.

Roth-Steyr M1907

A very nice addition to the arsenal of the game is the Roth-Steyr M1907, a weapon which is very rarely seen in video games. This pistol was the first semi-automatic pistol ever to be put into official military service. The game even shows the correct stripper clip reload procedure. Like every sidearm in the game, it is dual-wielded. Appears as the "M1907".

Repetierpistole Modell 1907 - 8x19mm Roth-Steyr
James looks at the beautiful jungle foliage while pointing his Roth-Steyrs at it.
As he approaches some Aztec ruins, he tries to scare some spirits off with his Steyrs.
Like the Bergmann-Bayard, he learns that spirits aren't scared by Austrian guns, and reloads.

Wz. 35 Vis

The Wz. 35 Vis is only available in Multiplayer game mode. One developer's render showed it with an attached suppressor, which does not appear in the final game.

Wz. 35 Vis - 9x19mm
The player's character waits for the beginning of the match with the duet of his Polish pistols.
He then decides to reload them in a rather interesting manner.
The magazine, it seems, decides to be drawn in by means of supernaturally powerful force. Reloading of the left gun is just a mirror of the right, of course.

Submachine Guns

MP 34

The Steyr MP 34 can be found rather early in the adventure campaign. For some reason, the front sight post is missing. Appears as the "MP-34".

Steyr-Solothurn S1-100/MP 34 - 9x19mm
James stands over the German Arctic camp with his new MP 34.
Back in Egypt, James covers his colleague and realizes the Germans forgot to install something important on their MP 34s.
Having learned his gun has a manufacturing error, he reloads and attempts to forget it.

MP 38

As the game is set in 1938, the use of the MP 38 is accurate for the German soldiers. Appears as the "MP-38".

MP 38 - 9x19mm Parabellum
James stares at a ancient Egyptian statue while armed with his brand-new submachine gun.
Later on, he aims his MP 38 at a wall, fearing that a mummy or a Nazi might appear.
Following a brief firefight, James reloads his MP 38.

Hybrid Thompson Submachine Gun

A Thompson Submachine Gun with a 50-round drum is featured in the game. Despite the fact that the model is marked in-game as "Model 1928", the Thompson in-game looks like a strange hybrid of the M1928 and the very early M1919 "Annihilator I" prototype. This relation is noted with the lack of a stock, short barrel, and vent holes in the barrel rather than cooling fins. The Thompson is modeled with an anachronistic M1A1 sight. As if that wasn't enough, the rear sight has been bent down. Appears simply as the "Thompson".

M1928 "Tommy Gun" or "Chicago typewriter" with 50-round drum magazine - .45 ACP
Thompson M1919 "Annihilator I" with 20-round magazine - .45 ACP
Concept art of the Thompson SMG
Having just arrived at the temple, James looks at the sights with his Thompson.
A bit later, James looks at the sights of the Thompson while Jennifer stares at him.
He later checks to make sure his Thompson is functional by reloading.

Suomi KP/-31

The Suomi KP/-31 with a drum magazine appears in the game used by Red Army troops (for some unknown reason, they use this weapon as opposed to the more appropriate PPD-34/PPD-40 that is featured in multiplayer). Appearing as the "Suomi", it boasts a mounted flashlight and a high rate of fire.

Suomi KP/-31 - 9x19mm
After getting a bit of a break, James looks at his recently acquired Suomi.
Not questioning how Soviet troops got Finnish submachine guns before 1940, he checks out the sights.
Knowing what may lie ahead, he reloads his Suomi.

PPD-34/PPD-40 (hybrid)

A dual-weapon hybrid Degtyaryov PPD-34/38 and Degtyaryov PPD-40 appears in the multiplayer game mode. The submachine gun itself is similar to the earlier mentioned Thompson as it appears to be a mix of two different models, those being the PPD-34/38 and PPD-40 models. It has the longer barrel of the PPD-34/38 as well as the same barrel shroud and trigger set up, but features the PPD-40's two-piece stock as well as magazine housing.

Degtyaryov PPD-34/38 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
PPD-40 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
Concept art of the PPD. Note that the model is marked as "PPD 1939".
James and his mutant PPD wait for a match to start.
Perplexed by his new weapon, James checks the PPD's iron sights.
James decides to just reload and forget about his submachine gun's origins. The drum mag is another anachronistic feature, not available for another two years. Previously, the PPD-34, by default, was surprisingly modestly equipped with only two stick magazines for 25 rounds (limiting its functionality rather to the role of a semi-automatic carbine).


Fedorov Avtomat

Some of the Russian Red Army soldiers are armed with the Fedorov Avtomat. Appears as the "Fedorov".

Fedorov Avtomat - 6.5x50mmSR
James rides his mine cart, very content from the fact he is in a small minecart above a giant lava pit.
He then continues his chase and draws a bead on the minecart ahead of him.
He then reloads while trying to keep his minecart on the rails.

Karabiner 98k

The Karabiner 98k is a quite powerful rifle in-game. It cannot be reloaded with stripper clips, instead James inserts one round after another. This could be done in real life, but practically the stripper clips were used whenever possible. Appears as the "kar98k".

Karabiner 98k - 7.92x57mm Mauser
James looks at the Arctic ruins while holding a 98k.
Taking advantage of a lull in the fighting, James decides to check the sights.
Knowing full well there is more Nazi troops ahead, James reloads his 98k.

Karabiner 98k with Scope

A Karabiner 98k with a scope is the second sniper rifle found in-game. It is shown with the correct reload procedure, meaning like its scopeless cousin, does not load via stripper clips, but individual rounds. Appears as the "kar98k".

Karabiner 98k with Zeiss ZF42 scope - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Having acquired a brand new scope and rifle, James prepares to use it effectively against some unsuspecting troops.
James uses his scoped 98k against some German troops below him.
Having just eliminated some troops, James reloads his rifle.

Mauser Selbstlader M1916

The Mauser Selbstlader M1916 is used by some of the German soldiers. This never happened in real life. Only 1,000 pieces were ever produced and those were used by the German Air Corps and the German Ballon-und-Zeppelin-Truppe in WWI. Nevertheless, this is indeed a very interesting weapon, and a nice surprise to see it used in a game. The in-game model has a modified short barrel with a cooling shroud, resembling the one from the Fedorov Avtomat (which was not on real guns). Fires full auto in-game, while it was a semi-automatic rifle in real life. Appears as the "Selbstlader".

Mauser Selbstlader M1916 Fliegerkarabiner - 7.92x57mm Mauser
James, keen to use every gun in sight, picks up a Selbstlader.
James checks out the sights on his WWI-era rifle.
He then reloads his rifle, excited to use it as soon as possible.

Panzerbüchse 39

The Panzerbüchse 39 appears as the "Pzb.38 Anti-Tank" and is anachronistic as the game is set in 1938. It was first introduced into the Wehrmacht service in 1939. The developers probably mixed up the Panzerbüchse 39 with the earlier Panzerbüchse 38, given the weapon's in-game name. It has the correct reload procedure, which is a very positive surprise. Strangely, it features the side-mounted sights for the Granatbüchse 39, which was a late war modified version of the Panzerbüchse 39 intended to fire rifle grenades, thus it would be impossible to aim the Panzerbüchse 39 with those grenade sights.

Panzerbüchse 39 - 7.92×94 mm (Patrone 318)
James finds a Panzerbüchse and decides to check it out next to a German truck.
He then aims the gun, albeit through the wrong sights.
Despite not knowing which sight is correct, he begins to load a cartridge into the breech.

Simonov AVS-36

The Simonov AVS-36 is used as a sniper rifle. It can only fire semi-automatic, whereas in real life is capable of automatic fire. This is not entirely wrong, however, as was the case of the later M14, the full-auto mode was very rarely used in real life. The scope appears to be based on the corresponding PT/PE, but set backwards(!). Appears as the "AVS36".

Simonov AVS-36 with PE scope - 7.62x54mmR
James looks at his new Soviet rifle and prepares to put it to quick use.
James sights up a soldier in the AVS-36's scope.
Having dispatched his foes, he reloads his AVS.


Browning Auto-5

The Browning Auto-5 appears in the short-barreled military version (as pictured below). Appears as the "FN Auto-5".

Browning Auto-5 "Military Model" - 12 gauge
James gleefully aims his Auto-5 at a nearby crumbling wall.
He then sights up a nearby statue, thinking it's an ancient god.
Having realized that the statue is just a statue, he reloads his Auto-5, laughing at his mistake.

Winchester Model 1887

The Winchester Model 1887 appears as the "M1887" and, rather thematically, looks very similar to the one used in The Mummy Returns. It has a sawn-off barrel and buttstock. It also features a pair of non-standard iron sights and a heat shield.

Airsoft replica Model 1887 with sawn-off stock, barrel, and cutaway trigger guard - (fake) 10 gauge
James looks off at a distant temple complex with his 1887.
He then aims his shotgun at a distant ledge.
Fearing the unknown, he reloads his 1887.

Walther Model SLD

Although in real life the Walther Model SLD is a double-barrel flare gun, in-game it works like a double-barrel shotgun. Like all sidearms, it is dual-wielded. Appears as the "SLD".

Walther Model SLD flare pistol - 26.65mm
James goes face-to-face with a mummy with his SLD.
Since mummies are weak to light, he aims his sight as he knows how this confrontation is going to end.
Having killed the mummy, James reloads his SLDs.

Machine Guns

MG 34

The MG 34 appears as the MG 34 and uses a 50-round drum magazine. Surprisingly, the reload animation is quite accurate, something seen very rarely in video games.

MG 34 - 7.92x57mm Mauser. With Gurttrommel 34 - 50 round belt drum magazine.
Having just escaped some Nazi troops only to run into more of them, James grabs an MG 34.
James scans the lower floor with his MG 34, checking everything is clear.
Following his scan, he begins to reload his MG 34.



The Sturmpistole appears as the "Panzer Wurfkorper" and is shown firing the Panzerwurfkorper 42 LP. In real life, this grenade was a HEAT weapon designed to destroy tanks, but in-game it works like an HE grenade. This weapon is anachronistic for the 1938 setting as it was introduced in 1942.

Sturmpistole - 26.65mm / 23mm
James and his Sturmpistole decide to go for a bit of a stroll on the frozen Arctic ice.
James sights up a far off ice floe, hoping that firing it won't cause all the ice to crack.
Later on, James loads a new round into his Sturmpistole while the previous round hits its mark.

Stielhandgranate 16

The in-game booby traps are made of German WWI era Model 16 Stielhandgranates without the belt clip which look very similar to the model from the 2008 game NecroVisioN, a video game also developed by The Farm 51. These grenades are also attached to German and Soviet soldiers' uniforms.

Stielhandgranate Modell 16
James came across a swinging bundle of stick grenades.
Another booby trap. Note the bigger warhead and the lack of the belt clip.

Stielhandgranate 17

The world model of the Stielhandgranate is a Model 17 Stielhandgranate.

Stielhandgranate Modell 17
The world model of the stick grande with the belt clip. However, it lacks the star-shaped fuse cap.
A thrown Stielhandgranate on the ground. Note the mirrored "5½ Sek." writings, another feature of the Model 17. The grenade indicator is the same as in NecroVisioN.

Stielhandgranate 24

The Stielhandgranate 24 is usually carried by German soldiers.

Stielhandgranate Modell 24
Sick of dealing with multiple mummies and German troops, James forgets he's in a room with priceless artifacts and pulls the pin on an M24 grenade.

M18 smoke grenade

The M18 smoke grenade is seen hanging on the uniforms of Soviet soldiers.

M18 smoke grenade - Green
Two M18 smoke grenades in-game.


Dynamite is sometimes used as an alternate explosive weapon to the Model 24 Stielhandgranate. Some of the puzzles are solved by planting it on certain objects.

Deciding he must go for a nice cold swim, James lights a bundle of dynamite.


The RGD-33 grenade is only available in multiplayer.

Taking out a grenade in an attempt to blow something up.


Four unusable RGD-5 hand grenades are seen inside ammo crates. Some are also seen hanging on Soviet soldiers' uniforms. The appearance of this grenade is an anachronism.

The low detailed RGD-5 grenades in-game. The box also includes what appear to be Mosin-Nagant clip pouches and an (anachronistic) PPD-40/PPSh-41 drum magazine pouch.

2 cm FlaK 38

A 2 cm FlaK 38 is mounted on the German submarine in the "Arctic Base" mission.

2 cm FlaK 38 - 20x138mmB

Cut Weapons

Developers' renders of weapon models for the game include the Sjögren shotgun, the Luger rifle with scope, and the DPM machine gun. These guns were not included in the final version of the game.

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