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Arizona Dream

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Arizona Dream (1993)

Arizona Dream is a 1993 surrealist independent film directed by acclaimed Serbian director Emir Kusturica. The film's cast included Johnny Depp, Faye Dunaway, Jerry Lewis, Vincent Gallo and Lili Taylor.

The following weapons were used in the film Arizona Dream:

Colt New Service

A Colt New Service revolver plays an important role throughout the plot. It is first seen in the hands of a desperate Inuit, who fails to shoot himself during a severe storm. Later on the same weapon shows up in the house of Elaine Stalker (Faye Dunaway). Axel Blackmar (Johnny Depp) sarcastically quotes a Russian author (Anton Chekhov) who stated that once a weapon appears in the first half of a novel, it is certain that this weapon will go off in the second half.

Colt New Service Revolver - .45 ACP.
The Colt New Service lying in the snow next to the Inuit man.
Axel (Johnny Depp) thinks about shooting Grace Stalker (Lili Taylor).
Grace plays Russian Roulette with Axel.
Now it's Axel's turn.
The Colt New Service on the table after the game of Russian Roulette.

Mossberg 500

When Leo Stalker (Jerry Lewis) tries to take Axel away from Elaine's mansion, she threatens him with a Mossberg 500 shotgun and fires some warning shots.

Mossberg 500AT Shotgun - 12 gauge.
Grace Stalker (Faye Dunaway) aims the Mossberg 500 at Leo.
Grace fires the Mossberg.
Grace reloads her shotgun.

Beretta 92F

Axel's friend Paul Leger waves a Beretta 92F in front of him when they meet in a New York bar.

Beretta 92F - 9x19mm.
Paul Leger (Vincent Gallo) holding the 92F against Axel's head
Axel picks up the 92F.

Terminator arcade machine

In the bar scene a Terminator 2 The Arcade Game video game cabinet is seen. The artwork shows the Terminator Model T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) with a sawed-off Winchester Model 1887 shotgun. Additionally, the handle of the arcade machine appears to have been modeled after a hybrid of the Uzi (pistol grip and trigger) and the MAC-10 (receiver).

The sawed-off Winchester 1887 with large-lever loop used by Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator - 10 Gauge. Note the metal plate on the lever for better handling during flip-cocking.
The Terminator 2 arcade machine.

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