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User talk:DKS01

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I know what the god damn Harris technique is alright, but if you actually have seen Kickass you would see that Hit-Girl is doing the Harris technique shown from her (FIRST PERSON SHOOTER) perspective with the SAME GUN and the SAME KNIFE as COD. It was a lot like the scene in DOOM when Karl Urban is shown from first person perspective to immulate the actual video game. But I suppose you wouldn't consider that to be a homage either, would you? --humanzie3

Not sure it's even the same knife. It's the same gun, but then again, so what? USPs, Glocks, and Beretta 92's are about the most commmonly seen pistols in modern movies, throw a rock and you'll find someone using one of them. And umm, Doom is BASED ON A GAME, so yeah, doing something like the game it's based on is probably a homage. Remind me again when Kick-ass became based on CoD though? DKS01 21:57, 31 August 2010 (UTC)

Agree to disagree. There's no changing either of our minds, but your response was weak as shit.--humanzie3

Yeah, I shoulda used genius logic like "Hitgirl and CoD both use one of the most frequently seen guns in modern times, so they MUST be related" instead, right?

What got you terminated from the site earlier?

Is this rhetorical? I've never been "terminated from the site". DKS01 05:52, 20 February 2011 (UTC)

Thought I read it on your page.

No, I've never even created a page here actually. Some other clown did create it just to put an insult on it, and one of the admins then deleted it, which is why it says the "page was previously deleted". DKS01 16:07, 22 February 2011 (UTC)

Oh, is that the arguement above?

I dunno if the 2 things are related or not. I know what the above argument is about but I don't think the guy there was the one who created the page that got deleted. It's possible I suppose, but the user I was arguing with there usually is a rational poster so I don't think he did it. DKS01 01:39, 23 February 2011 (UTC)

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