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Talk:The Way of the Gun

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This movie's title

It is "The Way of the Gun". For one, IMFDB matches the official title as seen on IMDB. Another, the "The" in the graphic logo is seen at the TOP of the "W". For future reference and to keep anyone from changing the page title..


The page says they use combat government model 1911s but they don't seem to have any of the features of the combat model and on the bluray you can see the rollmark on the slide and it only says colt government model.

I picked this up on Blu-ray. Can't cap Blu-ray though. When Parker holds his 1911 on Longbaugh outside motel you can see the MK IV Series 70 9mm Luger rollmarks on the slide. I have only seen "Combat Governments" in non Series 70 rollmarks or in MK IV Series 80. --Predator20 18:03, 12 June 2010 (UTC)
Non series 70 rollmark Combat Government. These came out in the early 80s, very few in these rollmarks.
Series 80 Combat Government
Series 80 Combat Government, most you'll see will be in this style. Non combat ones would just say Government Model.


When I watched this, I thought Benicio's character fired his Galil on full-auto in the brothel sequence. He empties like, two full mags into the walls alone. Or was he just fast firing on semi-auto?

It's either he's firing it on SA or the gun has a ridiculously slow ROF. Edit: just watched the scene: Benecio in fact pulls the trigger for each and every shot. But, the effects seem to almost double the amount of shots made. Same goes for Ryan's 870. He lets off three rounds in the same room that Benecio empties two mags as fast as any auto-loader would with his pump.

He's firing FAST on semi auto. It's not that hard. I can fire as fast or faster with a semi auto rifle. Also remember that blank adapted autoloaders don't usually slam all the way back into the receiver. It was described as 'almost short stroking it but just enough to kick out the round and put in the next one'. Also blanks have nearly ZERO kick (a little from the gas but that's almost nil) and you can fire REALLY FAST with a blank firing semi auto rifle. MoviePropMaster2008 15:16, 12 June 2010 (UTC)
I would have loved to have saw more of the Galil in the final shootout. Should have brought more than two mags or at least spare ammo. But I guess they wanted to even the fight up. Even though Parker and Longbaugh were greatly outnumbered. --Predator20 18:03, 12 June 2010 (UTC)
Just watched the movie, and the bolt is definitely moving in a semi-auto fashion on the Galil when he fires it. -MT2008 00:56, 22 October 2010 (UTC)


In the scene in which one of Joe Sarno's veteran enforcers contemplates suicide he is shown playing Russian roulette with half a dozen different revolvers. I think one of the weapons was a Charter Arms model and one may have been a Ruger SP101 however if someone could provide a more precise identification it would be appreciated. -Anonymous

I'm pretty sure the two revolvers used by the Mexican police officers are S&W Model 10s.


Does anyone have an idea what holsters The two protagonists use? I actually really like them and was hoping to get a lead on where to get ones like that.

The holsters they use are milt sparks summer special. Website www.miltsparks.com. They are really well built and comfortable.

Good veiw of the IWB holster used by Longbaugh, Parker also uses one.

Yeah they are Milt Sparks or copies made Galco or another mass produced holster maker. --Predator20 17:46, 22 February 2010 (UTC)

No they are Galco Royal Guard RG212 and not Milt Sparks Summer Specials.

Thanks, folks. I'm gonna give one of these a try for CCW.

Mr. Parker and Longbough

Does anyone think that the two main characters portrayed in the movie seem to be too discplined for being normal criminals? Are there criminals in real life who actually have extensive firearms training? Cause most gangsters and criminals that I've come across have shitty trigger discipline and use the stereotypical "gangster" sideways hold with their weapons. And yes I know this is just a movie but I'm just curious. -- Choi117

They could just be former soldiers or guys that had the training, but down on their luck. I mean, former cops, lost their jobs or something. Excalibur01 03:26, 11 August 2010 (UTC)

I would totally agree...ex-military just by their weapon choices and how they cleared the rooms. Plus, Philippe always has that look of a mercenary rather then the portrayed criminal.--Spades of Columbia 03:33, 11 August 2010 (UTC)

That would make sense if they were both ex-military. And probably that would be the main reason why they teamed up in the first place, both having proper training in weapons and tactics which is a protent mix for a criminal to have. But then come to think of it criminals today are getting military training as well just by enlisting, going through basic training, and serving in tours in Iraq and now Afghanistan. Can you imagine the fear of a Latin King member who had extensive training as a Navy SEAL? (http://www.suntimes.com/news/24-7/2506292,CST-NWS-graffiti18.article) -- Choi117

The only good news is that many guys who come from the background lack the discipline to stick out the military. This is coming from my professional experience in law enforcement. I've had many dealings with gang members over the years and more than a few of them have joined the military. The ones who stay in the life almost always drop out of basic training and come home. The few who make it end up staying in and leaving the life. --Jcordell (talk) 18:11, 8 January 2018 (EST)

Mr. Parkers shotgun sling

Does anyone have any idea what sling Mr. Parker had on his shotgun? I've never seen a setup like that.

Its a three point. -Winchester

What sling dause longbaugh have on his galil cause when he runs dry he drops that realy quickly

One-handed brass check

Longbaugh does a brass check on his Colt. Not easy to do one handed and even harder weak hand.

I don't think it's difficult to do a one-handed brass check. I just did one on my SIG (with my weak hand), and it was pretty easy. Of course, a SIG is not a 1911, but I don't see why it would be more difficult on a 1911. Anyway, I did have to cock back the hammer before I did it; if the hammer is left up, then it's much harder. But it looks to me like Benicio Del Toro does the brass check when his hammer is back. -MT2008 00:56, 22 October 2010 (UTC)

I can do it with either hand pretty easy if the hammer is cocked. But if the hammer is up, left hand is hard. But if you want to take the comment off go ahead.--Predator20 01:28, 22 October 2010 (UTC)
I just tried it on my SIG with the hammer up, can't do it weak hand, with a 1911 it's easier since it has a half-cock it can go to unlike the SIG.--Predator20 01:36, 22 October 2010 (UTC)
Just changed the comment. Thanks for that info; I figured a 1911 would be easier to brass check than on a SIG on DA. But I guess almost any pistol is easier to brass-check with the hammer back; I find my SIG hard to brass check even with TWO hands if I leave the hammer up. -MT2008 01:42, 22 October 2010 (UTC)

On a pistol converted to fire blanks it's insanely easy to do. -J3

Same with my Beretta. DA is really tough, but with the hammer down its a lot easier. -Winchester

Colt Commander

Wfat the hell happened to that gun, did Parker lost it or what, it would have been of great help in the shootout. --Dillinger 20:39, 24 December 2010 (UTC)

which shoot out?simmons 8492

I believe he is referring to the first one, at the Doctor's office. David.

in fact I meant both, both the beginning and the end.--Dillinger 03:47, 23 January 2011 (UTC)

well i think that he brought the shotgun with him , so why let it go to waste. also in the brothel shootout,which is one of the best shootouts in history, he uses it because he clears out rooms and is in close proxcimity to anyone who he is shooting at so having the shotgun seems logical-simmons 8492

If no one Objects

I intend to orginize this page.-simmons 8492

What do you mean organize? If by firearm type, I say no, because there aren't that many guns used. --Predator20 02:57, 16 February 2011 (UTC)

Why not? Even though there isn't enough firearm types, it would seem neat Excalibur01

I would support sorting the gun entries by ascending order: Handguns, Shotguns, Rifles, etc. But we don't need to split them into specific sections. That's only for pages that have TONS of entries in each section. MoviePropMaster2008 04:47, 16 February 2011 (UTC)

I feal that sorting weaopns by firearm type should be promoted. it does make pages look more neat, it also helps find things faster. i do understand that this page isnt that large, but it should still be orginized. i also intend to orginize, the same way i do this one, Terminator Salvation and The Dark Knight.-simmons 8492

Well both those movies have a much larger selection of guns than this movie Excalibur01 21:15, 17 February 2011 (UTC)

but a page is a page.and no mater big or small they should be neat and organized-simmons 8492

Parker and Longbaugh's handguns

There are a couple odd things about this choice of firearm for the two anti-heroes. First is its very limited magazine capacity of 9 rounds. I know that the three major groups of gunfighters in this film (Parker and Longbaugh, Jeffers and Obecks, and Joe Sarno with his bagmen) are supposed to represent three generations of pistolry, but a single-stack 9mm M1911 just doesn't seem like enough of a performance boost to give up the .45 ACP round, and as shown in the final gunfight, P&L are major fans of "suppressive fire" with their handguns, and 9 rounds isn't anywhere near enough for that (an older double-stack 9mm handgun, like the Browning Hi-Power or the Beretta M9 may have been more appropriate here, and both are older than the USP). Another odd thing is how Parker had to pull out the magazine of his handgun with his teeth when firing from the glass-riddled fountain--didn't he just drop it out normally back when he was shot in the leg in one of the whorehouse's rooms? If the magazine drops out that easily, why would pulling it with his teeth be necessary? --Mazryonh (talk) 17:14, 9 September 2012 (EDT)

He probably wasn't thinking very clearly after getting that glass in his arm. Combine that with a magazine that doesn't smoothly drop out on the first press (you see Longbaugh shaking his gun a few times to get one out later in the scene), and he probably just did the first thing that came to mind. As for the weapon choice, they probably just preferred the size of a single-stack 1911 and the performance of 9x19mm. Or maybe it's just the guns that they had available at the time. Nothing special. Chitoryu12 (talk) 05:43, 10 January 2013 (EST)
To me the 1911s they are using in the film are supposed to be seen as .45 ACP ones but the 9mm was a lot more reliable with blanks at the time. The every day film goer would see a 1911 and just assume that it's a .45 ACP one. Like in Terminator 2, the 1911 Arnie has is a 9mm because of the better performance with blanks, but in the shot where he takes spare ammunition from the hospital guard the magazines were loaded with .45 ACP rounds. --cool-breeze (talk) 06:29, 10 January 2013 (EST)
Indeed, the 9mm 1911s are 'playing' the role of .45 1911s. Much like actors are rarely the same age as their characters. :p --Joffeloff (talk) 17:35, 10 January 2013 (EST)

I see. Still, a magazine capacity of only 7 rounds is clearly not enough to engage in the "suppressive fire" tactics P&L are seen doing--it's a waste of ammunition and leaves you open while reloading as opposed to aimed fire. Given the speculation I've read about P&L having received training in armed forces in the backstory, maybe the Beretta M9 would have been better for them after all (it would fit their need for "suppressive fire" in a pistol). There are reports of "unsavoury figures" who sign up for the US armed forces infantry branches so they can better handle themselves in a life of crime with their weapons skills, after having finished their tours of duty. --Mazryonh (talk) 18:42, 10 January 2013 (EST)

Just my opinion, but wouldn't it make more sense that they are using 38 super 1911's since the film is taking place in Mexico and 38 super 1911's are some of the most popular guns you find down there. -- Serpico1911 (User talk:Serpico1911\talk) 06:26, 17 March 2017 (CST)


In the history of cinema this movie stands out because magazine changes did not end up on the cutting room floor. -- Carl N. Brown (talk) 13:34, 15 August 2019 (EDT)

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