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Talk:Vera Cruz

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Special Thanks

The idea and screenshots are provided by AVSniff, forum.guns.ru.--Greg-Z (talk) 13:41, 23 February 2020 (EST)

Additional Images

Single Action Army Civilian Model

Erin holds the revolver.
Little-Bit, a mercenary from rival gang, carries a "Civilian" revolver in holster.
Tex holds the revolver, taken from disarmed Little-Bit. Abilene (in center) carries an "Artillery" revolver in holster.
Erin holds his revolver after he killed the rival mercenary boss Charlie and his second-in-command.
Erin fastly draws his revolver when he and Trane learn about the gold, hidden in the stagecoach.
During the attack of Mexican republicans Pittsburgh holds a revolver that switches from "Artillery" to "Civilian" model. Behing Pittsburgh, Tex holds a barely seen revolver with stag horn grip.
Ballard, former US Army Sergeant, holds a revolver, defending Mexican girl Nina (Sara Montiel).
Pittsburgh, Ballard and unnamed mercenary, all with "Civilian" model revolvers.
Trane picks up the gun of dead Erin.
Erin holds his revolver on a lobby card.
Erin holds a revolver on a promotional image.

Single Action Army Artillery Model

Trane has a revolver in holster when he meets Erin.
Trane's revolver in holster. A safety loop of the holster fixes the hammer spur.
Trane holds his revolver, defending Nina.
Trane holds his revolver on a promotional image.

Colt 1860 Army (Richards Conversion)

A Mexican fighter holds a revolver after he gunned down Emperor's officer.
A Mexican at the right holds a full-length revolver.
An Emperor's Guard with a compact revolver.
Pedro (at the left) carries a revolver in his belt during the negotiations of Ramirez with Erin and Trane.

Winchester Model 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine

A close view of Erin's Winchester. The saddle ring is seen.
Erin holds the Winchester after showing a perfect marksmanship.
Vera Cruz-Winchester1892-11.jpg
Trane explains to Maximilian how the rifle is reloading.
A close view of the Winchester in hands of Maximilian.
Trane holds the Winchester in the scene in Gen. Ramirez' field camp.
Trane and Erin fire their rifles during the storming of Vera Cruz.
Abilene, Tex, Ballard and unnamed mercenary with rifles.
Donnegan fires at the guards of the stagecoach, loaded with gold.
Donnegan is gunned, and the rifle falls from his hands.
Trane and Erin with Winchesters on a lobby card.
Trane with a Winchester on a promotional image.

Springfield Model 1873 Rifle

Guards stand in formation with Trapdoor rifles with bayonets.
Mexicans with rifles.
A Mexican with rifle in ambush.
Mexicans with Trapdoor rifles and carbines and Remington Rolling Block carbines (at the far right).

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