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Talk:True Grit (2010)

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A remake?

I know that the original True Grit was made 42 years ago and for many movie-goers it might as well have been made 100 years ago, but still that's pretty gutsy. Rooster Cogburn was the role that got John Wayne his Oscar and the original movie is a classic. However I will probably go and see this one whne it comes out at Christmas. I like Jeff Bridges and the Coen Brothers. Change of pace for them as well. Well somewhat. --Jcordell 00:24, 29 September 2010 (UTC)

They're both based on a novel by Charles Portis. The Coen's version is apparently closer to the book than the 1969 film is.--John Ryder

The Coen Brothers version looks like it's going to be a lot darker and grittier than the other one. It looks badass. -humanzie3

Those that have read the book know that it also has a good deal of humor, thanks to the first person narration of Mattie Ross. I hope and trust the Coens to include that aspect as well, though not in a voice-over. -Blokhed 29 September 2010

I'm glad that Josh Brolin is in this. It'll make up for his piece-of-crap Jonah Hex movie. --Swordfish941 15:41, 14 December 2010 (UTC)

Well I watched it last night. It's pretty good. --Jcordell 15:24, 11 June 2011 (CDT)

The original movie is truer to the book in terms of plot, but the remake is more faithful in terms of character and tone. - 2wingo

Unknown Winchester

Rooster is also seen firing a Winchester at one point in the trailer, though I can't discern which model.

It looks like a Model 1873, or possibly an 1876. I say it could be an 1876 because of the rather large bore diameter. -


To me, it looks like an 1866 Winchester "Yellow Boy" as the brass reciever is a giveaway- User: LaFarge

Rooster takes aim with his Winchester.
TG 01.jpg
TG 02.jpg

"Rooster" Cogburn charge

"Rooster" Cogburn could be using his Single Action Army and Mattie Ross Colt Dragoon because it looks like only the gun in his left has a loading lever

nevermind in one of the TV spot trailers is shows there there both Colt navy or Colt Dragoon, it hard to tell

-- I just saw the movie, and can confirm that he uses his two 1851 Navys, contrary to my earlier identification of one Navy and one Dragoon. In fact he never handles Mattie's Dragoon apart from the beginning. -- Blokhed 12/26/10

The revolvers Rooster uses in making the charge are both 2nd model Colt Dragoons. He carries them in pommel holsters on the forks of his saddle. They are from the description in the Portis novel. They are the same model as Mattie's pistol. the reference to "Navy sixes" was an error in dialogue. Rooster carries a 7 1/2" Colt "Peacemaker" in a belt holster as described in the novel.

Actually the book is ambiguous, I just checked - Mattie describes the revolvers in his saddle holsters as 'Big guns like mine' but Rooster refers to them as 'Navy Sixes'. The movie stills of Rooster's charge could show either Navies or Dragoons, it's hard to tell. The interview with the prop guy in True West magazine (I've added the link at the bottom of this page) says they were 2nd model Dragoons, repros by Uberti like Mattie's Paulvilliams 05:41, 8 June 2012 (CDT)

During the Corn Bread Shoot, when the Dragoon is seen in his hand, i believe it was meant to stand in for one of his 1851 Navies. He empties his SAA, when retrieving more corn bread, the holsters on his saddle is only holding one of his Navies. http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b387/Hitokiri_Gensai/vlcsnap-2011-11-19-04h01m39s156.png Note here, the near side holster is clearly holding a pistol while here, http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b387/Hitokiri_Gensai/vlcsnap-2011-11-19-03h58m43s23.png the holster is now clearly empty. The scene between these two is the clear shot of the Dragoon in his hands. -MissySummers-

How does he fire right handed?

Hes blind in his right eye yet he fires long guns right handed, how could he be accurate without seeing the sights?--FIVETWOSEVEN 03:43, 27 December 2010 (UTC)

Which hand you use does not matter, eye dominance does. For example, my father shoots right handed while is left eye dominant. - Jeff

You don't get it, he can't SEE out of his right eye, how can he aim if he can not SEE the sights?--FIVETWOSEVEN 20:54, 2 January 2011 (UTC)

you just tilt you head so you left eye is lined up with the sights.

Yeah, note the first picture above, his head is tilted far enough to use his left eye. (Im also right handed and left eye dominant.)

The rope around the Henry Rifle.

I think the rope Brolin's character uses as a carrying strap should be mentioned because i just saw the film in theaters and the 3 other people that were with me were confused with what that was. Don't ask.

A rope sling was the civilian way of making a sling cheaply. At the ending fighting of World War II, The Arisaka rifles used rope slings with the rope drilled and knotted into the stock and wrapped around the fore end, instead of a leather sling with expensive sling loops. Along with multiple procedures removed for cheap production. - User: LaFarge

Sharps1874 or 1868? (moved from main movie page)

I have seen this carbine mis-identified ever since this movie came out. Apparently others are just repeating what someone else assumed. It was not an 1874 Sharps carbine, of which only 496 were made. He (like the real Texas rangers, see Durham’s “Taming the Nueces Strip”) is using an 1868 Sharps carbine conversion. .50-70….of which 31,000 were converted. from Percussion to Cartridge and distributed to troops and millitia’s and yes, texas rangers…was in use into the 80s.

If you want a replica of that gun, somebody makes an exact one of McNelly’s which is exactly like the one Matt Damon’s character is using.


I can find absolutely NO proof of this statement in the slightest. The 1874 was a popular sporting rifle, and it was produced on a large scale from its induction. -MissySummers-

Chaney's Henry and sling

I just corrected some of the description. In the book, the Henry was NOT stolen from Mattie's father; it is described as Chaney's rifle from the beginning. Also, the book makes special mention of the fact that he uses "a piece of cotton plow line" for a sling. "He could have taken an old piece of harness and made a nice leather strap for it. That would have been too much trouble." - Blokhed, 2/9/11

Is it just me or does the rope obstruck the sights?--Mattatack92 23:32, 9 February 2011 (UTC)

It does obstruck the sights, but we never actually see him fire from the shoulder in the movie.--Insight11 20:43, 29 June 2011 (CDT)

(moved from main page)

The poster shows Josh Brolin as Chaney with the Henry.

Possible identification error

In this image, it appears Cogburn is holding Mattie's Colt Dragoon. The barrel and frame appear thicker than on a Navy Colt, and the loading lever latch is smaller like a Dragoon, instead of covering the whole front of the loading lever like on a Navy. Also, the all around size of the revolver appears larger than a Navy. In the other shots it does appear he uses Navy Colts, but I think in this scene he may have used Mattie's gun to shoot the corn dodgers with.

TG10 002.jpg

- Gunmaster45

Rooster's revolvers appear to be Dragoons rather than the Navy Sixes he claims, though he has a third revolver, a Colt SAA Cavalry in .44-40. Maxman (talk) 03:14 20 October 2013 (EST)

True West interview with Prop-man

Several of the questions we're all wondering about are answered in this article: http://www.truewestmagazine.com/jcontent/living-the-dream/living-the-dream/firearms/4010-guns-with-true-grit

Ever since i saw the movie, id been wondering if the guns he carried in his saddle holsters were actually Colt Navies, considering the size and look of the gun felt off. That article makes it clear that the guns ARENT Colt Navy's but Colt Dragoons Second Models. Answers a few questions for sure then.

Should the mainpage be changed to reflect this?

~CarlyAnne~ (talk) 01:35, 22 November 2012 (EST)

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