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Talk:Taken (2008)

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How's it look? This movie was kind of hard to screencap due to its fast pace. Many guns I had to constantly go back and go frame by frame to grab. If I missed any, they would be too hard to ID anyway, but I think I got them all. The introduction of newer guns was a refreshing challenge, and a step up from the typical movie guns. - Gunmaster45

Awesome job, I was hoping one of you guys would take up this movie soon, I was considering it for awhile. When Jean-Claude was trying to arrest Brian, were there any clear shots of the guns his men had when they found his phone/walkie talkie? I can't remember. Diego Wolfwood
I'll check, there could be a possibility. - Gunmaster45
It looks great! I rented this movie Friday and thought about screencapping it myself, but I'm really busy with my class, so I didn't have time to do it myself. I think you pretty much got everything. In fact, you even got some guns that I think I would have missed. -MT2008
Very well done, as usual GM! Better than i ever could. -The Winchester
Hey Diego, I checked and one guy had a Mossberg 590 shotgun (which I'll add to the main page, but it is a VERY blurry shot), and one cop had a Beretta, but there's already enough shots, so it can go here. - Gunmaster45
One of Jean-Claude's cops searches the roof for Bryan armed with a Beretta 92FS.

SIG P229 to P239

I'm not sure this is a P229. The trigger guard seems too round. I think it is actually a P239. -MT2008
I agree, it looks more like a P239, it has a rounded trigger guard and a it is a bit smaller.-GunnutHk
If you look at a SIG P239, the slide cuts stops 3/4ths of the way to the end of the slide. This cut goes all the way to the end, so I figured it was a P229. - Gunmaster45
Huh? Sorry, I don't follow. Only on the older model P220s and P226s (the ones with the mandrel-stamped slides) is there a .75" space between the cocking serrations and the rear of the slide. The P239 doesn't have that. Also, look at the first screenshot of him taking the gun out. On a P229, the slide profile makes the cocking serrations visible if seen from the front (they hang out from the side), while a P239 doesn't have that. Also, the hammer seems to be the wrong shape, too. I say, definitely P239. -MT2008

Okay, here's my explaination (read closely, this is hard to explain).
Okay, see how the cocking serrations are full length and the single line going horizontally across the slide stops at the serrations? Well on a P229, the line goes through the cocking serrations and the serrations are cut to half their size.

It's hard to explain but you look at the shots from the movie:

Note how the horizontal line goes through the cocking serrations, unlike a P239.

Now, I agree it doesn't quite match a P229, but I don't think it is a P239, unless they make a better matched model I'm unaware of. - Gunmaster45

Ah, now I see what you're confused. The answer is that it's an earlier-model P239. The newer guns (MPM's P239 picture is one of the newer ones) have the slide with the cocking serrations going to the top, but the older-model P239s don't (the cocking serrations only go up halfway, like on the P229). See the Remtek entry on the P239, which has a picture of an older model P239:
See now? -MT2008
Yeah, I get it now. I wasn't aware of the older model. - Gunmaster45


I don't honestly think it's flinching, guys, just a grimace. Like Max Payne in the first game, ya know? Maybe I just want to believe Liam Neeson's the next great action star/ OPERATOR, but I honestly don't think he's flinching.-protoAuthor

I thought Neeson did a convincing job of being a highly trained CIA Operative. In the shootout in the house in Paris, he shoots everyone with a single round, center mass, instead of screaming through the magazine for everyone person he comes across, like in most action movies. For me personally, it seemed to suggest he was highly trained. -MissySummers-

Taurus Millennium Pro

Should the PT111 and the PT145 be put in different sections? They're the same model but made in different calibers. Is that enough to warrent separating them? -Anonymous

Unknown Pistols

[moved from main] --AdAstra2009 19:17, 31 December 2009 (UTC)

Since the films pace is quick and stylish, there are very few points where scenes slow down, which means some guns are never seen clearly in focus, denying IMFDB of a clear indentification. Two guns in the film were never seen clearly.

A slaver at the facility fires at Bryan with an unknown pistol.

Looking at the first picture, I would say that it looks like a CZ75 to me. Does anyone else think it looks like a Ruger of some kind? The slide looks like it could be a Ruger P89 or P90 and also the trigger guard looks like its from a Ruger. 21:04, 1 January 2010 (UTC)

An Albanian guard is killed by Bryan while armed with an unknown pistol.
  • protoAuthor here, I think it's a CZ75
   *Could also be a CZ100, due to the wide trigger guard.


Jean-Claude holds the SIG-Sauer P239 on Bryan.

Tutone Overflow

Watched this again, I love this movie. But man, were there a lot of two tone guns or is that just me?

Firstly, yeah there's a lot of them, mainland Europeans really like their flashy guns, for whatever reasons. Secondly, sign your posts. --RedRobinAlpha (talk) 21:10, 6 March 2017 (EST)

Anybody else think this is the closest we are going to get to a Splinter Cell movie?

Theres the scene where he's climbing on the walls next to some red pipes. Then there's the throat chops and other kinds of melee attacks and then theres the hiding in a corner and popping out an shooting people. Not to mention his skills with a pistol.

It's pretty close. =) - Mr. Wolf 00:22, 5 December 2011 (CST)
I actually couldn't think of a better person too play Sam Fisher - Liam Neeson is badass! Fixer

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