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Rocket tubes

Multiple Rocket tubes were mounted to the exterior of the Bell Jet Ranger Helicopters.

The Bell Jet Ranger Helicopters in the film are outfitted with multiple rocket launcher tubes on either side.

Flare gun

An unknown model of flare gun is used to signal Sils' escape from the military facility.

A U.S. Soldier fires an unknown make and model of Flare gun. This is not a traditional pistol design, but looks more like a boat flare, where it is a mere tube and a cord is pulled to expel the flare. In addition this picture gives a better look at the uniforms the soldiers are wearing with the Anti-IR Night Desert Camouflage smock (and a possible "choc-chip" desert camouflage jacket under the smock) being made obvious to the audience.

It kinda looks like a Heckler & Koch P11

Michael Madsen

If they had made him use a Beretta I would have been very displeased.He seems more like a revolver guy to me-S&Wshooter 03:06, 19 July 2009 (UTC)

Madsen's Glock

The Glock that Michael Madsen's character carries in the first screencap looks more to me like a Glock 17. Could be a continuity error. But I'm pretty new at this, so I guess I could be wrong. Warrants a closer look, though. - TrueBeliever19

I think it is a 19 in all screen shots. The way I work it out it that on the 17 the ejection port is quite clearly closer to the rear of the slide than the front, whereas on the 19 the ejection port is pretty much in the middle, slightly towards the front of the slide. --commando552 19:11, 5 February 2011 (UTC)

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