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I didn't like how someone didn't change the title to one of the unknown rifles but also decided to take EVERY picture to mark this page about Smallville

And to add that same person took out my comment about the series being about Superman's beginnings and all the guns that is in there.

"Unknown SMG"

It seems like Spectre M4.

Bow and Arrow

I know this doesn't count as a firearm, but should be noted since it is seen a lot and used by the Green Arrow.




(moved from page to discussion)

Heckler & Koch G36C

What appears to be a Heckler & Koch G36C with a scope and used like it's a sniper rifle, and was seen with a laser pointer, something a sniper would never use. From the close up, it looks like this weapon might not even be a true G36C, but rather a semi-auto civilian rifle converted to LOOK like a G36C, an SL8 or an SL9. After a close up of the selector switch. Can someone ID the weird thing attaching onto the rifle which is connecting the laser pointer? Never seen it before.

When the character confronted Clark at the end, not knowing Clark was wearing a bullet proof vest made of lead, he shoulda shoot Clark in the head.

Also another problem to debate is that the character who used this created bullets out of "Kryptonite", which storywise is a mineral. Prop and visual wise, the part used seems to be the crystal portion seen in the series and the crystal is melted down into liquid and turned into bullets. I like to ask if anyone can argue how realistic this kind of bullet would be and is it possible and would it even survive the force of bullet speed?

If anyone reading this knows something more about bullets than I do care to tell me, beyond fiction, would this be possible. Be in mind, storywise, the character melted the crystals in a pot used to melt metal usually for making bullets over an open fire in the woods. I would understand maybe a furnace in a forge, but a camp fire seems unlikely.

To add, this is not the last "Anti-superman" gun that would be invented for the occasion of taking out Superman and his kind. In season 7, Lex in an alternate reality had a handgun with the same kind of bullets made out of Kryptonite. Of course, Lex is a multi-millionare, so at least HE would be able to create a bullet made of Kryptonite and not from a camp fire. I mean, bullets are made of lead and other materials, and lead is easy to melt in a camp fire with the right heat...right?

An SL8 selector just has an 'S' for safe and an 'F' for fire. That gun's trigger group is safe-semi pictograms. They do make semi-only trigger groups for the full-auto guns, including the G36 series, and that might be the case here.

To answer your question: No, you would not be able to get a campfire hot enough to melt crystal. Granted we do not know the composition of Kryptonite, but if it bares any similarity to earth crystals, then no, it would never happen. Additionally, the force of the gasses propelling the bullet would in all likelihood shatter the crystalline round while exiting the barrel of the gun, especially considering the crude shape of the round. It would not spin in the barrel either, and would be horrifically inaccurate.


Unknown SMG

Seen used by thugs in clown masks in a bank robbery. A similar weapon of this design was used by the thugs without masks

More reasons to be afraid of clowns.

the SMGs look like the old Cylon SMGs from battlestar galactica

Unknown handgun

A handgun Lex used in the alternate future that fires Kryptonite bullets in Season 7. Seems like the same pistol as the gold one in Sanctuary, a modified jericho 941


Unknown handguns

Can't find any close ups of these guns. Anyone care to try?

The last picture seems to be a Walther PP or PPK

The picture below, a Glock 17L maybe? - nope, it's no doubt modeled on a 1911


This is undoubtedly a CGI-created 1911. Low Budget shining through in it. Actually it is just in this screencap that the 1911's CGI, because a bad guy was about to levitate it --Taurus96 10:06, 30 May 2011 (CDT)


The picture above and below appear to be Jericho 941s, I think.


The picture above is a Walther PPK non gun. I've seen the episode it is clearly a PPK non gun

Unknown shotgun


Above looks like a semiautomatic Remington rifle - I watched the episode (Season 3, Crisis) and there is a close-up at the start --Taurus96 03:44, 31 May 2011 (CDT)



We're now in Season 10, the final season. And it's been a bit of a gun-heavy one between Rick Flag, and Deadshot, and the V.R.A. soldiers out there. Of interest are Flag's two semiautos he keeps in a chest rig, Deadshot's revolver (which takes "improbable aiming skills" to a WHOLE new level) and what may be an M14 with a modified stock among MANY other guns in Deadshot's hideout.

Actually looks like we're even missing Season 9, as I didn't notice Chloe's Jericho auto (which Dr. Hamilton very helpfully IDs moments after she pulls it) on the page. http://images.wikia.com/smallville/images/e/ee/Savior_1.png

I can't get high-quality screencaps, and even if I could my ID-ing of guns isn't the best in the world unless it's something pretty obvious.

So in summation - update plz?????? 16:19, 6 February 2011 (UTC)

I haven't had time to get the DVDs of the seasons before that did have guns and I haven't had time to cap the current season Excalibur01 17:39, 6 February 2011 (UTC)

Smaller size?

Why are all the pics now smaller? 23:17, 18 August 2011 (CDT)

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