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Talk:M230 Chain Gun

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Appropriate for this site?

I am afraid I have to question whether or not this weapon is appropriate for inclusion into this site. So far as I know, this weapon does not have a manually-fired version, which is one of the primary criteria for a weapon's inclusion. Some other large-caliber vehicle-mounted weapons (M242 Bushmaster chaingun, BGM-71 TOW) are on the site, but those weapons qualify since they have manually-fired versions. If we allow this weapon, then we could easily end up with other weapons such as tank guns or howitzers flooding the site. Orca1 9904 23:49, 3 May 2010 (UTC)


Obviously Hollywood Movie armorers don't own or use the M230 30mm Chain gun, as it is always seen mounted under an AH-64 helicopter gunship. The only appearances of the real gun are when the U.S. military assists the movie production, as in the film Fire Birds. The vast majority of AH-64 gunships in film are now computer generated creations as are their M230 guns, but for informational purposes, we are listing the real weapon here, since that is what the gun is supposed to be.

I see your point though. I myself would love to see a background on larger weapons like that but I always figured this site did limit itself primarily to small arms. That said, I myself think it's okay to leave this page - the 30mm Chain-Gun is featured prominently on several movies and to exclude it would be a bit shoddy. That's just me though. StanTheMan 02:41, 4 May 2010 (UTC)

Isn't this a tripod mounted version of this gun , 30mm ASP, or something? http://www.army-guide.com/eng/product3643.html

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