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Talk:I Spy (TV Series)

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Alexander Scott carried a Colt Commander in .45 ACP, not an M1911A1.

Kelly Robinson carried a wartme P38 with the barrel shortened and front sight set back, not a P38K. An exception is the episode "Child Out of Time" where he has a nickel plated M1911A1. In "The Warlord" he uses what may be an Astra 400 or 600 but the scene is too dimly lit for certainty.In "It's All Done With Mirrors" both agents seem to have only one gun between them, a Colt or S&W two-inch .38.

In the episode "The Tiger", set in South Viet Nam, both agents are seen carrying M1928A1 submachineguns. Other firearms seen include more M1928A1s, at least one M3, a MkIII Sten, some bolt action rifles I couldn't identify but which may have been Arisakas, and a few specimens of the ever-popular Madsen M50, which would turn up in other episodes throughout the series.

In the episode "The War Lord", set in Burma and likely filmed in Spain, Chinese Communist soldiers carry Star Z45s while at least one of the warlord's soldiers uses an Erma MPE or some Spanish copy thereof. Also seen are two or more Mauser Broomhandle-type pistols; since this was probably Spain they could easily be Astra 900s. In "Mainly on the Plains", filmed in and set in Spain, a Spanish policeman carries an MPE.

In the episodes "Time of the Knife" and "Sparrowhawk" I saw what I am reasonably sure was a Colt Gold Cup but I'd want to see both again to be dead certain.

In an episode I don't recall well enough to identify I saw an m/40 Lahti -- I assume it was that and not an L-35 -- and in another I am fairly sure I saw a Webley & Scott or Harrington & Richardson pocket pistol.

Webley & Scott revolvers are seen in "Dragon's Teeth" and Lugers and PPKs appear throughout the series. It was a spy show, after all.

Then there was the belt-fed water-cooled machine gun in "Chrysanthemum". Vickers, perhaps? That's my guess, based only on the fact of the early episodes being filmed in Hong Kong.

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