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Talk:I Am Number Four

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Energy Weapons

Six's gun (Lorian pistol)

Number Six (Teresa Palmer) carries a Lorian energy pistol which, since she's a good guy, fires blue energy rounds. She draws it after discarding her M79 and uses it for the duration of the battle in the school.

Number Six opens fire with her pistol. It's hard to get a clear shot of the weapon, since it's either dark or the firing effects obscure the gun.
Six aims her weapon from the cover of a locker.
She fires.


Number Six aims her pistol in a behind the scenes shot from the "Becoming Number 6" featurete
She holds the gun as she practices stabbing a Mogadorian, and gives a nice view of the weapon.

Mogadorian Assault Rifle

The Mogadorian's standard-issue weapon a a large assault rifle that, since they're bad guys, fire red energy bolts. The weapon seems to be partialy based off of a Mk. 46 machine gun and can fire semi-automatic or three-round bursts.

Mk 46 Mod 0 light machine gun - 5.56x45mm
A Mogadorian holds his assault rilfe in the school hallway.
He opens fire on Six.
Another Mogadorian fires at John/Number 4 on the football field.

Mogadorian Carbine

One of the Mogadorians in the hallway carries what seems to be a carbine version of the assault rifle, with no stock and a shorter barrel.

The soldier in the forground holds a carbine.


The actor aims the weapon in a behind the scenes shot.

Mogadorian Glove Rifle

Some of the Mogadorians carry a smaller rifle which has the trigger unit concealed in a housing they stick their hand into. Sam obtains one and later unhesitatingly blasts a Mogadorian.

"Holy-" Sam reacts to the Mogadorian and instantly opens fire.
"I play a lot of XBOX" A grinning Sam explains his quick relexes to Sarah.
Sam holds the glove blaster as he and Sarah get back up after the explotion.

Mogadorian Heavy Blaster

The Mogadorian Commander carries a massive heavy blaster capable of throwing John backward even if he deflects the shot.

The Commander holds his weapon after retrieving it from the trunck of his car.
He aims his weapon at John at the climax of the battle. The reciever looks similar to that of an AK-47, though the rest of the weapon doosn't.
The Mogadorian commander opens fire.

Power Cells

While they are not strictly speaking weapons, the Commander's power cells for his heavy blaster are detonated by Number 4's telekinesis, obliterating the Commander and wrecking the football stadium.

The power cells are seen as the Commander is thrown into a fence by Number 4.
This was a football stadium, before the commander went boom.

Energy grenade

A Mogadorian throws a fictional energy grenade at Number Six in the school cafeteria. In true Hollywood fashion, the grenade produces a massive fireball (red, of course) and throws Six twenty feet with no injuries.

The grenade lands at Six's feet in the cafeteria.

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