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Talk:The Boondock Saints

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I tried the best I could to remove screencaps, but some were too good to pass up or had something important to illustrate. I removed as many as I could and some I was sad to remove. So please don't tell me I went crazy on screencaps, I tried. - Gunmaster45

You went crazy on screencaps. :)
You don't even know what I wanted to say ... ;) MPM
Anyway, here's something that might make the Beretta entry a bit shorter - did you notice that in the poker game shooting, they all use Taurus PT92s? And you can also see that Connor's pistol in the scene where they confront Il Duche when he first pulls it is also a PT92. You even took a screencap of it. -MT2008 05:26, 22 February 2009 (UTC)
Wow, I totally didn't realize. My sister has some really loud and annoying friends over and it is hard to concentrate. I'll have to finish tommorow. I deleted those caps in the poker room, I'll have to get them back. - Gunmaster45
I'm going to upload the Matrix and deal with this tommorow. - Gunmaster45

That's odd. The Boston Police and Agent Smecker have the same badge, which is neither an FBI nor a BPD badge. -Gunman69 05:42, 8 November 2009 (UTC)

Does anyone find the use of suppressors redundant at the court scene? Each brother shoots the mob boss with their handguns then Billy Connelly takes a shot with his shotgun. The loud shotgun blast would render the brothers' use of suppressor's redundant.- Anon

The Communist Party Symbol on the Desert Eagle

Its not the russian flag, its the Hammer and Sickle symbol of the communist party.Oliveira 12:54, 23 February 2009 (UTC)

Finally Done!

I was hoping to top Hard Boiled but 52 is big enough. Now I realize why I kept putting this off! For all the unidentifieds, I need some help, but other wise, I'm out. - Gunmaster45


In the shootout with the brothers and Rocco against II Duce, if their was ever a shootout with 3 guys against 1, would you see it happening like this in real life? Its a good scene, but Im suprised 3 guys could only hit one guy once. --MarineCorps1 03:22, 29 July 2010 (UTC)

Well let's look at the facts. Conner, Murphy and Rocco aren't professional hit men. They even comment on how they're amateurs when they're patching each other up with the iron afterward. In all their previous encounters they had the advantage of surprise over their quarry, whereas II Duce took them by surprise and likely broke their confidence. How many of us, without extensive shooting experience, would be able to nail a guy across the street in a high stress situation when our lives are actually in danger? --Ballistics_Expert2

The answer to that question, is literally, zero chances. There's no way that an amateur shooter could nail a guy across the street who took him by surprise and is shooting at him in a high-stress situation. The only thing he'd manage to do is scratch the guy, but not take him out. --ThatoneguyJosh 00:17, 25 April 2011 (CDT)

What I'd like to know is where the brothers got the extra guns from. After they armed themselves early on they possessed four Berettas with equipped sound suppressors. Later when Rocco joined up they had two more suppressed Berettas for him. And in the fight with II Duce they had three other Berettas, none of them suppressed. Where'd the extra guns come from?

--Keep this in mind, remember the bag of money that the brothers find in the hotel during their first hit on the Russian crime bosses earlier on in the film? In all likelihood, the brothers stole that bag of money and took it to the firearms dealer in the armory to trade for more Berettas (or as shown in the screencaps, more Tauruses), extra ammunition and extra silencers.

Because it's a.... film? K38

Also keep in mind, that after the shooting in the house is over with, you can see Conner and Murphy removing the suppressor off at least one of their guns. -kornflakes89

The Assassin

Can no one find this guys name? i cant find him any where.i would do his page if some one could get his name for me .-simmons 8492 They never state his name in the movie at all.

I looked at IMDB and I think his name is Markus Parilo and he is credited as "Sick Mob Man"

Thank you. time to go to work.--simmons 8492

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