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Talk:Blood Diamond

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I added details on the USP. There were also numerous FALs and AK47's as well as CAR15's used. Don't have pictures of these though. The CAR15 is used I believe by the SA commandos at the end.

Good Job

Good job, There's also someone else on the site who watched the movie, so he'll probably add to the page, and also I cleaned up the formatting for you. And by the way, welcome aboard. Alienqueen11.


Thanks for the help with the formatting, I suck with this whole wiki thing so still figuring it out. I know most of the guns by hand so i'm looking for some more pictures :). If worse comes to worse, when I get home, I will insert the dvd and do some screen captures and some more pictures.

No problem

No problem, glad to help. I've haven't seen this movie, but it looks good, that black guy there played Juba in Gladiator, and I really liked his character. Alienqueen11.


Yep, he's a good actor. I should be home today so I can load up my movie and get some screen captures of more weapons. Theres a few more I know I definitely missed. One of them is Dannys Glock at the beginning which I think was a Glock 26 subcompact, the other is a pistol that the general of the RUF carrys at the beginning, probably a Makarov or some other Soviet design. More pictures and guns for the movie coming tonite :)



Sure thing, can't wait to see the rest of your images. And I'll also be sure to provide help if it is needed. Alienqueen11.


I've uploaded all the guns I was able to find or get clearly from the movie. There were a few I had trouble with, parts with the local militia, there is some unknown bolt action rifle in the background but it isn't clearly seen and probably very difficult to identify, towards the beginning of the movie, looks like some of the militia men may have FAL's. Also where Danny is at the border smuggling diamonds, border control stop him and it appears one of the members has a unidentifiable gun, maybe a south african R5? I can only see the handguard. Wasn't able to identify 2 of the revolvers or the machine guns.

Not quite used to the layout yet so i'm a bit sloppy, looks like another guys trying to fix the format though.



Don't worry, you did a good job. thanks for your help. Alienqueen11.


I was able to identify both of the revolvers in the movie after posting on a few gun forums. I did some comparisons and those look to be the right models. I am not sure if you wanted to fix the format or not.


Good job

Good Job, from the looks of it, those are the right guns. And anytime you need help, I won't mind providing it, thanks for helping build the site. Alienqueen11.

Hind door-mounts

It seems to me that the door-mounted machine guns of the Hind are PKs or PKMs rather than NSVs. One, their barrels seem too short and not robust enough, and two, PK machine guns are standard issue for the Hind helicopter (both the Russians and various PMCs such as Executive Outcomes use PKs in their Hinds).

Yeah, you're probably right. I haven't seen the movie in quite some time (I can only go off the screenshots on here), so I wasn't 100% sure at all. But I remembered it was definitely not a DShK!

There more G3s.

In that scene where dicaprio and hounsou are in the jungle you can see silhouettes of G3s.

I don't understand your point. I've already documented the fact that there are G3s in this movie.
I think they were G3A3s


You didn't tell me why it's relevant. Like I said, I already have images of the G3s from the movie. -MT2008
well,its not like we need them anyway.Just forget what i said.


Let me put it this way: Are you saying you want images of that scene? If you want them, I can get them (though my copy of this movie is a fairly low-quality AVI rip, so they probably won't look so good), but if that's what you want, then please just ask me directly, instead of speaking in cryptic, half-formed thoughts. -MT2008

Neo Stead 2000

When Danny gets caught after smuggling diamonds in the goats, one of the patrol men is carrying a South African-made NS200 12-gauge pump-action shotgun. You can see it slung over his shoulder (he is not carrying it). He appears on the right of the screen, behind the lead officer. I could be wrong, but I watched the whole bloody movie hoping for an appearance of the friggin NS200!


After the battle at the mining camp several mercenaries are carrying uzis in the background

Glock Compact

The compact Glock (I guess 26) has an extended magazine/grip extension, as seen here. Sorry about the quality. Nototter (talk) 15:00, 8 April 2014 (EDT)

Additional Weapons / Screenshots

- Browning M1919A6/A4, Lee-Enfield SMLE No.1 Mk.III, possible Mauser Gewehr 1891 (or other rifle), Uzis, Daewoo K3/FN Minimi, actual M1919A4, and more Sterlings

The Kamajor militia that intercept Archer, Solomon, and Maddy have a few more "unique" weapons (as in guns that don't appear elsewhere in the film) than just the Model 1873 revolver. One of them clearly has a Lee-Enfield SMLE No.1 Mk.III, another holds a Browning M1919, probably an A6 but could be an A4, and a third has a long rifle, probably a Mauser Gewehr type (my best guess would be a Gewehr 1891 or some Mosin-Nagant, but I have no real clue)

Later on in the movie, after the attack on the diamond camp, some more weapons are seen used by the task force; A couple Uzis, a Daewoo K3/FN Minimi, and at least one M1919A4 (probably a second one seen on another jeep on the background) --Sergeant Simpleton (talk) 17:23, 30 November 2014 (EST)

Front of the SMLE is visible here, behind Solomon
You can see more of the rifle here, and the front as well as back of the M1919. It appears to be more of an M1919A6 because of the flash hider and area where the stock should presumably be (you never get to see it in the film).
Another good shot of the full rifle. You can also see the M1919 in full view.
You can see the front of the "Mauser" rifle at the bottom right of the screen. It has no front sight and rope obscures the frontal attachment points.
The same rifle can be seen in the background, albeit blurry. You can get a good view of the rifle's length here, however.
Another shot of the rifle in the background. It's still pretty blurry but it seems to resemble the shape of a Mauser here (thus why I don't believe it's a Mosin.)
A Browning M1919A4 is seen mounted on the back of the military jeep. In addition, what appears to be a Daewoo K3 or FN Minimi is held by a soldier sitting in the front
Clearer shot of the M1919A4 and K3, however less of them is visible
The soldier hurrying along Solomon next to the jeep has an Uzi
The third soldier from the right is holding an Uzi, right beneath the AK in the foreground. Another soldier that appears in the shot has an Uzi, but I didn't cap the screenshot at the right time.
Extra screenshot - showing that some of the guards at the prison in Freetown had Sterling Mk. IVs in addition to the ones who stopped Archer whilst he was smuggling diamonds into Liberia.

I modified this post somewhat for the following reasons A) Section titles aren't supposed to be lists, they don't need to be that big - The title I replaced it with or something similar should do. B) Thumbnails don't need to be specifically put left justified, none is the standard and works fine (specifying 'left' is only for certain purposes and can result in oddly placed text or other issues otherwise) and C) thumbnails don't need to be any bigger than 600px again except under certain circumstances. Hope these edits are ok. StanTheMan (talk) 22:24, 30 November 2014 (EST
That's absolutely fine; it looked off to me at the time too, but I was in a rush typing this out while I prepared dinner, as such I had no time to check whether my edits were okay. (I left-justified the first image because it rendered oddly in the editor and successively forgot to remove the justification after publishing it)--Sergeant Simpleton (talk) 00:00, 1 December 2014 (EST)

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