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Talk:Army of Darkness

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Ash Shotgun Dispute

Im moved this to the discussion page--Mauser 19:13, 11 December 2009 (UTC)

I'd say it is a Savage-Stevens 311A. - Gunmaster45
Not a Stevens 311, I own one, and I can tell you that the Boomstick is no Stevens. I'd say they are correct in identifying it as a Stoeger. -RedJedRevolver

Actually I think it is actually a Remington, I think you guys are ignoring the fact it WAS(as in not anymore)very long. Ash sawed it off with his chainsaw. Look at the shape of the grip and the shape of the trigger guard.

However, bear in mind, this isn't the same gun that was in ED2 (it's supposed to be, but it's not.) When Ash sawed the barrel off, it was far shorter than this one (almost down to the stock.)

Ash clearly sawed it off at the end of ED2, then for most of AoD it is back to full-length, clearly seen with a long barrel during his "this is my boomstick" speech, except it is short again after he kills the pit-monster -- he is shown blowing on it, spinning it on his finger, and holstering it on his back -- you can see when he blows on it that the barrel is shortened, and the trigger is at the midpoint of the gun, so that he can easily twirl it like a pistol.

Edit: Okay, it wasn't back to the full length that it was in ED2. Originally, it was a full-length shotgun (probably around 26-28 inches.) http://www.imfdb.org/images/0/0e/Ed2-12g6.jpg This picture is taken from the ED2 page

Then, Ash saws it down almost to the stock. http://www.imfdb.org/images/4/4d/Ed2-12g5.jpg Again, this is from the ED2 page.

By the time of the "This is my boomstick" speech, it is somewhere in between. http://static.reelmovienews.com/images/gallery/this-is-my-boomstick.jpg

Obviously, the shotgun used in AOD isn't the same one that was used in ED2. It was presented as the same gun, but actually wasn't. This appears to me to be a Stoeger Coach Gun.

the foregrip scallops show that it is a Stoeger. how ever it is not a factory 20", it has been cut back. older model as well, it has no raised center rib or front sight bead. the rib was possibly removed but there is no solder marks on the remainder of the barrel.

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