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The Sword (Mech)

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Russian poster for The Sword (Mech) (2009).

The Sword (Russian Title: "Mech/Меч") is a 2009 Russian action TV-series, probably inspired by the Rogue Force. Directed by Ilya Kulikov and Rustam Urazaev, the show is about a vigilante group created and led by a retired police major Maxim Kalinin (played by Eduard Flerov) nicknamed "Cap" for his service in VDV recon during Second Chechen War when he was ranked captain. The show is followed by a sequel series in 2015.

The following weapons were used in the television series The Sword:


Beretta 92FS

Kidnapper Valery Girko (Sergei Fischer) used Beretta 92FS at the very beginning of the first episode. It is the first firearm shown in the series.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm.
Girko with Beretta moments from being knocked out.jpg

Makarov PM

The only handgun widely used in series is Makarov PM. Originally, Maxim Kalinin (Eduard Flerov) had one PM (with silencer), along with Saiga-410K-01 and RPG-26. After taking out the drug dealers at waste ground, Max and Kostyan robbed an apartment of Kalinin's former superior, colonel Muratov. When Muratov unexpectedly returned and was knocked out by Orlov, his Makarov was taken by the two and lated used by Anton Karev (Timur Efremenkov) to execute a corrupted police officer. Shortly before, Max gave a task to Kostyan to go to Vladikavkaz where a large black firearms market exists, and to buy there 3 more suppressed Makarovs along with other weapons (which he successfully fulfilled). 4 more Makarovs were commandeered by Anton from the dead drug dealers after cottage shootout, increasing the total number of Makarovs "Sword" had from three to seven.

Russian Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
Max (Eduard Flerov) aims his suppressed PM at corrupted judge Kravetz.
Max threatens Muratov with PM for abusing his girlfriend and former colleague Tatiana Dyomina.
Anton Karev (Timur Efremenkov) searches for the head drug dealer with Makarovs akimbo.
A shocked Olga looks at a drug dealer she just shot.
Muratov's PM lies on the table.
Chizh practices with Makarov PM at police shooting range

Makarov PMM

PMM was used by robber Timur (Viktor Mishakov) during jewellery shop hold-up. It could be identified as PMM only by a wider grip which is seen when Timur puts a pistol to the neck of a shop owner who attempted to press the alarm button. Sword also had one PMM (Orlov bought not 3 Makarov PMs, but 2 PMs and 1 PMM). Olga Stepnenko (Viktoria Fischer) had that PMM kept in locker at her kitchen at the end of the series.

Makarov PMM, Modern extended magazine variant - 9x18mm Makarov
PMM (left) and 2 Makarovs lie on a table.
Timur watches over the hallway holding PMM.
The PMM being put to the neck of shop's owner after he tried to push alarm button. Note the massive, Browning styled grip of the pistol, distinguishing it as PMM.
Olga draws her PMM, preparing to engage police which she expected to storm her apartment.

Stechkin APS

Stechkin APS is a weapon of choice of a crafty robber Mikhail Balashov (Andrei Soroka).

Stechkin APS - 9x18mm Makarov
Balashov with his AKS-74U and Stechkin APS. "I wouldn't know are you cops or not!".
Balashov points his APS at jewelry shop's owner.
Balashov with his APS during shootout with the Sword.

Nagant M1895 Target

The some target version of the Russian Nagant M1895 is a personal sidearm of drug dealer nicknamed "Buratino" (Dmitry Sharakois).

A long barreled target version of Nagant M1895 - .22 LR
Buratino brandishes his Nagant.

Smith & Wesson Model 10

The nickel-plated Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolver is carried by colonel Komin.

Nickel Smith & Wesson Model 10 - .38 Special
Komin loads his revolver, preparing to commit suicide.
He pulls the trigger...
...but fails. That chamber turned out to be empty.
Vladimir Yakovlev on-stage photo with him jockingly pretending to kill himself with Smith & Wesson revolver.



AKS-74U Krinkov carbines are used by "Sword", police and "Hydra" militants. Criminal ringleader Shamil Dadashev and robber Mikhail Balashov briefly used the AKS-74U as well. Kostyan (Roman Kurtzyn) was ordered to buy two AKS-74U on his trip to Vladikavkaz, but was given three of them probably as a compensation instead of PP-19 Bizons, which were unavailable. For some reason, the team never used more than two AKS-74U in their raids until 18th episode.

AKS-74U - 5.45x39 mm
3 AKS-74U lie on the table among other weapons.
Balashov with his AKS-74U and Stechkin APS. "I wouldn't know are you cops or not!".
Karev fires his AKS-74U at police reinforcements.
Dmitriy (Viktor Konisevich) holds the AKS-74U at "Manifesto" (S01EP22).


AKS-74 were used by numerous characters; MVD Spetsnaz, OMON, FSB Alpha Group, some "Hydra" militants, Russian paratroopers and Chechen terrorists from Kalinin and Savkin's flashbacks, Kovalchuk ("black realtors" gang member) and one of the detectives from Egorov's investigation team during store gunfight all used AKS-74. 2 AKS-74 were commandeered from the killed "Hydra" militants by "Sword" after forest shootout. One of these AKS-74 was carried by Orlov during raid on TV center, and both of them were later used by Karev and Orlov during team's escape through the police cordon.

AKS-74 with synthetic furniture - 5.45x39mm
Kovalchuk ("black" real estate brokers gang member) about to fire his AKS-74.
Kovalchuk firing AKS-74.
Karev (right) fires at Egorov's detectives with AKS-74 with folded stock.


AK-74M is a standard weapon for Russian army. It was used by some of "Hydra" militants, MVD Spetznaz and OMON. Some of VDV paratroopers and Chechen terrorists in Kalinin's flashback were also seen carrying the AK-74M. One of the detectives from Egorov's team used AK-74M during the storehouse shootout.

AK-74M - 5.45x39mm
The guy to the right is seen with AK-74M.


AKMs are used by "Hydra" militants, most notably by the one who wounded Savkin (Alexander Barinov) and to whom Kalinin spoke a memorable speech later. Orlov trained Olga how to shoot with it. In Kalinin's flashback about his times in VDV and Chechen war, he was seen with AKM, which is quite a strange choose for VDV troop who would rather use AKS-74 or AK-74M. AKM was used by Max in rescuing Savkin's daughter from "Hydra" office. Then again, the AKM appeared in his hands most likely due to a continuity error since he was clearly seen carrying an AKS-74U while entering the building. Later the AKM was carried by Dmitry Chizhov (Vlad Pavlov) during escape from the storehouse and he shot dead a detective in process with it.

AKM - 7,62x39 mm
Hydra militant to the left prepares to reload his AKM.
Olga is trained how to shoot with AKM.
Max with AKM during evac from "Hydra" office.


AKMS was carried by commander of "Ruby" rapid response team of "Hydra" private security company. Some of OMON troops in the last episode also carried these rifles. One more AKMS has been used by Dmitry Chizhov in the last episode during bloody gunfight. It is one of the most serious continuity errors since all of "Sword" operators were armed with AKS-74U at the beginning of the raid on Muratov's apartment (and even during the most part of chase scene).

AKMS - 7,62x39 mm
"Ruby" team leader with AKMS.
Chizh fires AKMS at advancing Alpha troops.


A Saiga-MK-03 semi-auto rifle, chambered in 7,62x39mm is seen in use by one of prison bus guards. Rather strange, since in reality Saiga-MK is a civilian-grade semi-auto rifle.

Saiga-MK-03 - 7,62x39 mm
A Saiga-MK-03 lies on the floor together with Makarov PM.


Almost all of FSB Alpha Group operators use AK-103 as their service rifles.

AK-103 - 7.62x39mm
FSB Alpha Group troops with AK-103. Note that their superior is no other than Rustam Urazaev, this show's director.
Alpha Group operator with AK-103 spots Orlov.



Saiga-410K-01 with a wooden pistol grip and 10-round magazine was illegally kept by Kalinin, and was used by Konstantin Orlov (Roman Kurtsyn) to blow up a drug dealers' car and kill a dealer. It is probably the first appearance of this gun on TV show.

Saiga-410K-01 - .410 Magnum. This Saiga version resembles AK-74M the most.
Kalinin sits over his Saiga
Konstantin Orlov (Kostyan) prepares to fire his Saiga

Coach Gun

A pair of Coach Guns (presumably the TOZ-66) were used by renegade police officers Bystryakov and Ryabov to murder those with expensive cars.

TOZ-66 - 12 gauge
Renegade police officer Ryabov in his own flashback, right after killing a woman.

Submachine Guns

Kedr PP-91

A two Kedr PP-91s were sold to Orlov by an illegal arms dealer in Vladikavkaz instead of PP-19 "Bison"s. They were provided with custom suppressors. "Sword" used them only once, in the raid on pedophiles' cottage. Drug dealer Samir also used PP-91 in the cottage gunfight with Karev.

Kedr PP-91 SMG - 9x18mm Makarov
Kostyan loads a PP-91 fitted with a custom made suppressor.
Drug dealer Samir fires his PP-91 at Karev.
Kostyan and Max execute a pedophile with PP-91. While Kostyan holds a normal PP-91 (which has strange stock, possibly from an AKMS), Max wields a PDT-9T Esaul.

PDT-9T Esaul

Max carries a PDT-9T Esaul, as a substitute for the Kedr PP-91.

PDT-9T Esaul less-than-lethal personal protection weapon - 9mm P.A. Rubber

Sniper Rifles

Dragunov SVDS

Konstantin Orlov (Roman Kurtzyn) carries a Dragunov SVDS, often fitted with a suppressor. It is not the usual SVD Dragunov, but the SVDS version developed for VDV paratroopers.

SVDS rifle with shortened barrel and folding stock, intended for paratroopers - 7.62x54mm R
Kostyan admires his newly acquired SVDS.
SVDS lies on the table, stock folded.
Orlov aims his suppressed SVDS while waiting for a prisoner transport vehicle.
Orlov with an SVDS in Max's flashback about Second Chechen War.

Accuracy International Arctic Warfare (Airsoft Replica)

What appears to be an airsoft replica of the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare was used by an assassin hired to kill Irina Knyazeva. Alpha Group snipers also used them in episode 25. It can be identified as an airsoft replica by the straight barrel profile, lack of cut-out over the magazine well and the plain silver "ejection port".

Accuracy International Arctic Warfare, airsoft replica
Assassin aims at Knyazeva with Arctic Warfare.
Assassin moments before discarding his AW and fleeing.
Alpha Group sniper team with AW rifle.
A good closeup of AW as sniper gets shot by Kostyan.


PKM machine gun

A PK machine gun was bought by Max in the 18th episode. The PKM was used by Savkin and later by Karev after Savkin was wounded.

PKM with latest version of Flash hider - 7.62x54mm R
Max with PKM in 18 episode.
Kostyan jockingly pretends to fire PKM.

OSA rubber pistol

Tatiana Dyomina (Nina Gogaeva), Kalinin's ex-colleague and lover, used an OSA rubber pistol to take revenge on her alcoholic neighbor who constantly abused his wife and attacked her as well.

OSA rubber pistol - 18x45mm.
Tatiana fires OSA in her flashback in episode 24.
Closeup of OSA as Tatiana keeps on firing at the abuser.


The RPG-26 rocket launcher was used by Kalinin to assassinate Shamil Dadashev, the last surving member of the "black realtor" gang.

RPG-26 - 72.5mm
Dmitry Chizhov "Chizh" playing around with RPG-26.
Max with RPG-26 moments before firing it at Dadashev's cottage.


An URG hand grenade is seen among weapons bought by Orlov. The grenade was used in the last battle by Max.

URG F-1 practice grenade
F-1 and RGD-5 lie on the floor of Balashov's apartment.


One URG-N hand grenade together with URG F-1 was used by robber Mikhail Balashov during his escape from police.

URG-N RGD-5 training grenade

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