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The Lost Symbol

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The Lost Symbol (2021)

The Lost Symbol is the 2021 limited streaming series adaptation of the 2009 novel of the same name written by Dan Brown, the author of such bestsellers as The Da Vinci Code. Ashley Zuckerman stars as Robert Langdon, the Harvard University symbologist who races against time when his mentor and the head of the Smithsonian Institute is kidnapped and is threatened with death unless Langdon can solve the clues behind the mysterious society known as the Freemasons.

The series premiered on the streaming service Peacock in September of 2021. The Robert Langdon series of novels had previously been adapted as a feature film series, beginning with the 2006 adaptation of The Da Vinci Code that starred Tom Hanks as Langdon.

The following weapons were used in the television series The Lost Symbol:


Beretta Px4 Storm

A suppressed Beretta Px4 Storm is used by ex-US Army soldier turned assassin Nicholas Bastin, aka "the Janitor", (Raoul Bhaneja) in "As Above, So Below" (S1E01).

Beretta Px4 Storm with suppressor - 9x19mm
The suppressed Beretta Px4 Storm pistol is pointed at Dr. Robert Langdon (Ashley Zuckerman) in "As Above, So Below" (S1E01).
Nicholas Bastin aka "the Janitor", (Raoul Bhaneja) holds a suppressed Beretta Px4 Storm pistol in "As Above, So Below" (S1E01).
A closeup shows Nicholas aiming the suppressed Beretta Px4 Storm pistol at wounded USCP officer Alfonso Nuñez in "As Above, So Below" (S1E01).

Glock 17

The Glock 17 is widely used by CIA agents trying to solve the case of Peter Solomon's abduction. The Janitor also has one with him at times.

Glock 17 (early third generation model from 1998) - 9x19mm Parabellum
Agent Adamu (Sammi Rotibi) approaches a suspicious van in "Melencolia I" (S1E05).
Inoue Sato (Sumalee Montano) aims her weapon at Mal'akh in "Melencolia I" (S1E05).
The Janitor aims his own weapon during the standoff in "Melencolia I" (S1E05).
Sato confronts Mal'akh in "Diophantine Pseudonym" (S1E06).

SIG-Sauer P226R

A SIG-Sauer P226R is seen with a CIA agent keeping an eye on Langford and before Alfonso Nuñez (Rick Gonzalez) takes it in "Operation Eight" (S1E09).

SIG-Sauer P226R - 9x19mm
Nuñez with the pistol in "Operation Eight" (S1E09).
Another shot of the pistol in "Operation Eight" (S1E09).

SIG-Sauer P239

What appears to be a SIG-Sauer P239 is used by Nuñez as his personal sidearm when he's not in US Capitol Police uniform.

SIG-Sauer P239 - 9x19mm
Nuñez secures his sidearm at the end of "Murmuration" (S1E03).
The P239 aimed at Sophie in "Melencolia I" (S1E05).

Submachine Guns

Beretta Cx4 Storm

The Beretta Cx4 Storm is used by the CIA's Special Activities Center (SAC) operators when teams were deployed to capture Mal'akh in "Operation Eight" (S1E09).

Beretta Cx4 Storm - 9x19mm
A CIA SAC operator inside a warehouse turned black site in "Operation Eight" (S1E09).

Assault Rifles

M4A1 carbine

The M4A1 carbine is seen with a Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia (MPDDC) Emergency Response Team officers during a manhunt in "As Above, So Below" (S1E01). M4A1s equipped with AN/PEQ-15 laser and EOTech 551 or 511 holographic sight is used by SAC operators who try to secure Mal'akh in "Melencolia I".

M4A1 SOPMOD with EOTech 552.A65 Holographic sight and SureFire M951XM05 tactical light - 5.56x45mm
A MPDDC ERT team searches the streets of DC in "As Above, So Below" (S1E01).
The AN/PEQ-15 laser on the M4A1 aimed at Mal'akh in "Melencolia I".

Machine Guns

Browning M2HB

A photo of a Humvee with a mounted Browning M2HB is seen in "Melencolia I".

Browning M2HB - .50 BMG
The Humvee seen on an iPhone screen in "Melencolia I".


M18 Smoke Grenade

What appears to be an M18 smoke grenade appears in "Murmuration" and "Resonance".

M18 smoke grenade
The grenade tossed into the crypt in "Murmuration".
A grenade tossed into a makeshift interrogation room in "Resonance".
The grenade discharging smoke.


Tranquilizer Rifle


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