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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Season 4

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This article is still under construction. It may contain factual errors. See Talk:JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Season 4 for current discussions. Content is subject to change.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (S4) - 2018-2019

The following weapons were used in Season 4 of the anime series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:


Smith & Wesson Model 30

Throughout the season, as well as in both openings ("Fighting Gold" and "Traitor's Requiem") and both variations of the first ending ("Freek'N You"), Guido Mista carries a custom Smith & Wesson Model 30 revolver, with a purple finish and a hammer shroud reminiscent of the Smith & Wesson Model 49 (albeit depicted as a separate part). He notably uses the weapon in combination with his Stand, Sex Pistols, to aid in reloading the weapon and redirect bullets mid-air.

Smith & Wesson Model 30 with short barrel and nickel finish - .32 S&W Long


Narancia Ghirga's Stand, Aerosmith, seen throughout both openings, both variations of the first ending, all variations of the second ending ("Modern Crusaders"), and most of the episodes in which he is present (starting in Episode 9, "The First Order from the Boss"), is a miniature airplane, armed with a chin-mounted bomb and two wing-mounted LAU-68 rocket pods, incorrectly depicted as multi-barreled machine guns.

LAU-68 - 70mm

Colt Single Action Army

The mid-episode eyecatch sequences feature a coin, one side of which has a Colt Single Action Army on it.

Colt Single Action Army with 5.5" barrel - .45 Long Colt

Smith & Wesson 4506

During the explanation of Giorno Giovanna's backstory in Episode 2 ("Bucciarati Is Coming"), the drug dealer's son uses an early-model Smith & Wesson 4506.

Smith & Wesson 4506 (early model) - .45 ACP

Madsen M50

In Episode 3 ("Meet the Gangster Behind the Wall") and Episode 4 ("Joining the Gang"), the guards outside Polpo's cell use Madsen M50 submachine guns.

Madsen M50 - 9x19mm

Colt Combat Commander

Polpo's cell contains a stash of forbidden items, one of which is a Colt Combat Commander pistol. Another handgun is also present, though it is not seen clearly enough to make an ID.

Colt Combat Commander - .45 ACP

Smith & Wesson Model 29

The stash of forbidden items in Polpo's cell also contains a Smith & Wesson Model 29. Notably, in Episode 4, Giorno uses his Stand, Golden Experience, to turn this revolver into a banana, causing Polpo to shoot himself upon attempting to eat it.

Smith & Wesson Model 29 with 6" barrel - .44 Magnum

Mk 2 hand grenade

Another weapon in Polpo's stash of forbidden items is a Mk 2 hand grenade.

Mk 2 hand grenade

Colt M1911A1

A gang member discussing Polpo's death is seen using what appears to be a Colt M1911A1 in Episode 5, "Find Polpo's Fortune!"

Colt M1911A1 - .45 ACP

Beretta 92F

During the explanation of Leone Abbacchio's backstory in Episode 6 ("Moody Blues' Counterattack"), Abbacchio and his partner are both seen with Beretta 92F pistols. Later, in Episodes 36 through 38, Guido Mista uses one stolen from a criminal in the body of a police officer.

Beretta 92F - 9x19mm

Colt Official Police

The pimp in Episode 6 wields a Colt Official Police revolver. Another one is seen in Episode 8, "Sex Pistols Appears, Part 2", used by both a rapist and Guido Mista during the explanation of the latter's backstory. Unlike the pimp's revolver, the rapist's has a semi-round front sight. Yet another one is used by Pericolo to commit suicide, with the revolver initially appearing in Episode 13, "Man in the Mirror and Purple Haze", and later in the hands of Abbacchio's Stand, Moody Blues, during his reconstruction of Pericolo's suicide in Episode 18, "Head to Venice!"

Colt Official Police - .38 Special
Colt Official Police with semi-round front sight - .38 Special

Beretta M1934

One of the two additional criminals seen in Episode 8 wields a Beretta M1934.

Beretta M1934 - .380 ACP

Browning Hi-Power

The other additional criminal in Episode 8 uses a Browning Hi-Power.

Browning Hi-Power - 9x19mm

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