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IMFDB:Fictional Firearms

From Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games
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IMFDB lists fictional firearms that appear in Movies, Television, Anime and (some) video games. They must comply with the following criteria:

  • They can't be just talked about, they must appear on screen.
  • If they are fictional weapons built upon a real firearm (as in Red Heat or Starship Troopers) For example, all of the blaster weapons (either rebel or Imperial) in the Star Wars films that are built on real gun platforms, qualify to be here on this list.
  • If they are fictional / hypothetical weapons which may exist in real life (but so far does not).
  • If the weapon (for any reason) would lead the general public to believe that it is a real firearms or based on one.
  • Fantasy weapons which have no basis in real weapons technology do not belong here. So a Force Lance from "Andromeda" or a Klingon Disruptor from "Star Trek" or a Light Sabre from "Star Wars" do not qualify. No one would ever wonder if these weapons really exist today.
  • They must have some obvious screentime. A small blip in the deep background of a mass army scene won't count.
  • They cannot exist only in video games or CGI. A practical prop must exist.

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