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Bullet (2014)

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Bullet (2014)

The following weapons were used in the film Bullet (2014):



Kimar Model 92

As with many of the pistols in the film, the "Beretta" used by Frank "Bullet" Marasco (Danny Trejo) in several scenes appears to actually be a blank-firing Kimar replica. This pistol is known as the Kimar Model 92. Even though it very much resembles a real Beretta 92F/FS, it can be identified as a Kimar Model 92 due to the lower part of the black grip covers (next to the bottom screw) following the shape of the front side of the grip, rather than extending to the magazine well in a straight line. A Beretta also is seen with a suppressor.

Kimar Model 92 - 8mm Blank
Frank "Bullet" Marasco (Danny Trejo) holds the pistol.
A suppressed pistol is held on Frank.
Frank "Bullet" Marasco (Danny Trejo) holds the suppressed pistol.

Kimar Model 92 Nickel

Kruger (Torsten Voges) uses what appears to be a Beretta 92FS Inox. Upon closer inspection, the pistol appears to be the nickel variation of the Kimar Model 92 replica pistol.

Kimar Model 92 nickel finish - 8mm Blank
Kruger with the pistol.

Kimar 911

The blank-firing Kimar 911 is used by thugs.

Kimar 911 in 9mm PAK
Thugs hold the pistols.
The Kimar 911 is held on Frank "Bullet" Marasco (Danny Trejo).

Kimar Mod. 75 Auto

A stainless Kimar Mod. 75 Auto also is used.

Kimar Mod. 75 Auto, early model - 8mm blanks
The pistol is seen in closeup.
Frank is threatened with the pistol.

Kimar Competitive

Carlito Kane (Jonathan Banks) carries a handgun that appears to be a 4" variant of the blank fire only Kimar Competitive revolver.

Kimar Competitive - .380 Knall
Carlito Kane (Jonathan Banks) uses the revolver to threaten.
Carlito Kane (Jonathan Banks) holds the revolver.
Carlito Kane with the revolver.

Glock 17

A Glock 17 (likely a replica) fitted with a suppressor is seen in the hands of Frank.

Bruni GAP Glock 17 blank firing stage prop - 8mm blank
Bullet14 33.jpg
Bullet14 30.jpg
Bullet14 26.jpg

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5K

The Heckler & Koch MP5K is used by some henchmen.

Heckler & Koch MP5KN - updated with the Navy Trigger Group - 9x19mm.
The MP5K is fired.


Remington 870

A Remington 870 is seen among the weapons displayed on a table for Frank.

Remington 870 Police Magnum with Folding Stock - .12 gauge
A Remington 870 (seen at the right end) is seen among the weapons displayed on a table for Frank.
Bullet14 28.jpg

Mossberg 500 Cruiser

A Mossberg 500 Cruiser is seen among the weapons displayed on a table for Frank.

Mossberg 500 Cruiser with heat shield - 12 Gauge
A Mossberg 500 Cruiser (just to the left of the Remington 870) is seen among the weapons displayed on a table for Frank.



SWAT officers are armed with M4A1s.

M4A1 Carbine with EOTech 552.A65 Holographic sight and SureFire M951XM05 tactical light - 5.56x45mm
SWAT officers are armed with M4A1s.

Table of Guns

Frank is shown a table of guns.

Bullet14 30.jpg
Bullet14 31.jpg
Bullet14 26.jpg
Bullet14 28.jpg

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