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The Beast Must Die

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The Beast Must Die (1974)

A wealthy millionaire (Calvin Lockhart) invites several guests to his isolated country estate, suspecting one of them is a werewolf.

The following weapons were used in the film The Beast Must Die:

Griffin & Howe M1903 Sporter

What appears to be Griffin & Howe M1903 Sporter rifle is carried during a training exercise at the beginning by Newcliffe's guards. Newcliffe (Calvin Lockhart) himself uses one during his first hunt for the werewolf and Dr. Lundgren (Peter Cushing) is also seen with one.

A Griffin & Howe M1903 Sporter with iron sights.
Guards riding in the Land Rover with their rifles.
The guards patrol the woods.
Guards get out of the Land Rover with rifles in hand.
Closeup of a guard's rifle.
Newcliffe takes aim with his rifle. Note the dual triggers.
Newcliffe fires at the retreating werewolf.
Dr. Lundgren (Peter Cushing) with a rifle at the end of the film.

Walther PPK

Pavel (Anton Diffring) uses a stainless Walther PPK to defend himself from the werewolf. The helicopter pilot (Andrew Lodge) also uses one when he and Newcliffe are pursuing the werewolf.

Walther PPK stainless - 9mm Kurz aka .380 ACP
Pavel chambers the PPK.
Pavel fires the PPK. The slide locks back.
The pilot with his PPK.
The pilot fires the PPK at the attacking werewolf.

Luger P08

A Luger P08 is seen in Newcliffe's gun cabinet when Pavel is getting the PPK.

Luger P08 9mm
The Luger is visible on the left as Pavel gets the PPK from the display case.

Flintlock Pistol

A few flintlock pistols are seen displayed on the wall in the Newcliffe dining room surrounding the mirror.

Tower Sea Service Pistol used by the British Royal Navy.
Flintlock pistols mounted around the (now broken) mirror.

SIG P210

Tom Newcliffe (Calvin Lockhart) carries a SIG P210 loaded with silver bullets as his personal sidearm. He uses it throughout the entire film.

SIG P210 - 9x19mm
Closeup of the SIG P210.
Newcliffe threatens Paul Foote (Tom Chadbon) with his SIG P210.
Newcliffe with the SIG P210.

Rexim-Favor Mk5

During his second attempt to kill the werewolf, Tom Newcliffe (Calvin Lockhart) assembles a Rexim-Favor Mk5. He uses it to shoot at the beast from the air, and when pursuing it on foot later. It is also briefly handled by Dr. Lundgren (Peter Cushing).

Rexim-Favor Mk5 - 9x19mm
Newcliffe fires the Rexim-Favor Mk5 from the helicopter.
Newcliffe fires the Rexim-Favor Mk5 from the helicopter.
Newcliffe fires the Rexim-Favor Mk5 on the ground.
Side view of the Rexim-Favor.
Closeup of the barrel.

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