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Always a Witch - Season 2

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Always a Witch
(Siempre Bruja)
Siempre Bruja poster.jpg
Original poster
Country Colombia.jpg Colombia
Language Spanish
Channel Netflix
Creator Liliana Bocanegra
Louis Milito
Matt Earl Beesley
Tim Matheson
Mateo Stivelberg
Genre Drama
Broadcast 2020
No. of Episodes 8
Main Cast
Character Actor
Carmen Eguiluz Angely Gaviria
Alicia Sofía Araújo
Johnny Ki Dylan Fuentes
Daniel Dubán Andrés Prado
Esteban Sebastian Eslava
Mayte Valeria Emiliani
León Carlos Quintero
Cristóbal Aranoa Lenard Vanderaa
Kobo Óscar Casas
Amanda Laura Archbold

The following weapons were used in Season 2 of the television series Always a Witch (Siempre Bruja):

SPOILERS.jpg WARNING! Major spoiler


Flintlock Pistol

Several pirates were armed with the Flintlock Pistols in "Someone Like Me" (S2E01).

British Heavy Dragoon Pistol - .62 caliber
Pirate carries a pistol, tucked to his belt.
Another pirate holds the citizens at gunpoint with his pistol.
The pistol (pointed by the red arrow) is seen carried by the pirate.
The illustration depicts pirate captain Kobo with the pistol, tucked to the belt.

M1911-style pistols

A M1911-style pistols can be very briefly seen used by the police officers in "Impossible" (S2E08).

Original Colt M1911 (dated 1913) - .45 ACP (for comparison).
Police officers run, pistol in hands.
A slightly better view of the pistol.
Another police officer aims his pistol.



Amanda (Laura Archbold) forces Andy (Alejandro Gutiérrez) to play Russian roulette with a LOM-S. At first time, this scene was shown by Carmen by her witchcraft powers. Later, Amanda herself told about this incident.

Zoraki LOM-S. - 5.6x16 mm
The revolver is seen lying on the table. "Mr. Hyde" (S2E04).
Amanda grabs the revolver...
...and loads it with the single ammo. "Mr. Hyde" (S2E04).
A good view of the revolver. "Mr. Hyde" (S2E04).
Amanda turns the cylinder. "Mr. Hyde" (S2E04).
Carmen Eguiluz show by her witchcraft powers, the scene, when Amanda gave the revolver to Andy. "Mr. Hyde" (S2E04).
Scared Andy is forced to puts the revolver to his head. "Mr. Hyde" (S2E04).
Andy still had no courage to press the trigger. "Mr. Hyde" (S2E04).
This scene is depicted on the video. "Mr. Hyde" (S2E04).
A close up. "From Student to Master" (S2E06).
Andy about to press the trigger. "From Student to Master" (S2E06).
The revolver is seen on the table. "From Student to Master" (S2E06).

EKOL Viper

Two mobsters pull a EKOL Vipers in "Impossible" (S2E08).

EKOL Viper, 2.5" barrel - 9mm R.K./P.A.K. blanks
The first mobster checks the load.
The second mobster pulls his revolver...
...and aims it.
A slightly other view of the same scene.
Kobo (Óscar Casas) grabs the revolver from the mobster.


Brown Bess Flintlock Musket

Several Spanish soldiers carry a Brown Bess Flintlock Muskets, anachronistic for Cartagena, 1646 in "Someone Like Me" (S2E01).

Modern reproduction "Long Land Pattern" Brown Bess Infantry musket made from 1722-1768 - .75 caliber.
Soldier carries the musket on the sling at the background.
The musket's barrel (pointed by the red arrow) is seen.
A good view of the flintlock in the hands of the soldier.
Soldier at the background fires his musket.


Smoothbore Cannon

Smoothbore muzzleloaded cannons are seen in the Cartagena fort museum in "Mr. Hyde" (S2E04).

3-inch Naval Cannon
The cannon is seen at the left (the partly visible letters of the opening credits still can be seen onscreen, as this is the only point, when this cannon can be perfectly seen).

3-inch / 50 calibre gun

A 3-inch / 50 calibre gun can be seen in El Museo Naval de Cartagena in "Antares" (S2E03).

3 Inch 50 Caliber Anti-Aircraft Gun Display at Chengkungling History Museum, China.
The 3 Inch/50 Mark is seen at the background, right.
A ditto.
Another view of the same 3 Inch/50 Mark.
A short barreled version of this cannon is perfectly seen.
A closer view of the short-barreled cannon.

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