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Wolf of Vesyegonsk (Vesyegonskaya volchitsa), The

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The Wolf of Vesyegonsk (Vesyegonskaya volchitsa)
Vesyegonskaya volchitsa poster.jpg
Movie poster
Country RUS.jpg Russia
Directed by Nikolai Solovtsov
Release Date 2004
Language Russian
Studio Actual Movie
Main Cast
Character Actor
Yegor Oleg Fomin
Masha Elena Drobysheva
Petka Vladimir Gostyukhin
Stepanych Lev Durov
Matvey Lev Borisov
Semyon Aleksandr Tyutin
Irina Natalya Kaznacheeva
Froska Irina Savina
Goshka Aleksey Khardikov
Andryukha Gennadi Galkin

The Wolf of Vesyegonsk (Russian Весьегонская волчица; Vesyegonskaya (or Vesegonskaya) volchitsa) is a 2004 Russian movie.

The following weapons were used in the film The Wolf of Vesyegonsk (Vesyegonskaya volchitsa):


Yegor (Oleg Fomin), Goshka (Aleksey Khardikov), Stepanych (Lev Durov) and Semyon (Aleksandr Tyutin) uses IZh-43 shotguns at the several scenes.

Baikal IZH-43 - 12 Gauge
Yegor aims the shotgun.
Yegor sleeps, shotgun in hands.
Yegor raises the shotgun after awake.
Goshka holds Yegor's shotgun.
Semyon with the shotgun on the sling.
The another view of the Semyon's shotgun (at the right).
Yegor about to fire the shotgun.
Another view of the same scene.
Goshka fires his shotgun during the hunt.
Stepanych with the shotgun on the sling.
Stepanych puts his shotgun on the snow.


The TOZ-63 is the second firearm of Yegor (Oleg Fomin). At the two points, his shotgun appeared in the hands of Masha (Elena Drobysheva). Matvey (Lev Borisov) briefly holds one at the one point, which, most likely, the same movie prop.

TOZ-63 - 16 gauge
Yegor holds the shotgun after firing it.
Another view of the same scene.
Masha aims Yegor's shotgun.
Matvey (far left) holds the shotgun.
Yegor holds the unloaded shotgun.


Goshka (Aleksey Khardikov) and Petka (Vladimir Gostyukhin) both armed themself with the TOZ-34 shotguns during the hunts.

TOZ-34 - 12 gauge
Petka covers, shotgun in hands.
Goshka raises the shotgun.
Goshka aims...
...and fires.
Goshka (at the left) brandishes his shotgun after firing it.
Petka aims the shotgun. Goshka with the another TOZ-34 at the right.
Goshka fires. Semyon reloads the IZh-43 at the background.
Goshka ambushes the wolf.
Goshka with the shotgun on the sling during the hunt.
Petka fires.
Petka covers with the unloaded shotgun.

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