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Talk:Wolfman, The (2010)

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Holland & Holland Paradox

More likely that it's either a Holland & Holland Paradox or some other type of double rifle. Mainly becasue it had express sights on it. Not typically found on a shotgun from that time period. So I took the libery of changing it. --Jcordell 01:57, 30 November 2009 (UTC)

Also this screencap shows casting silver bullets for his double. --Jcordell 02:12, 30 November 2009 (UTC)

Those aren't for Sir John's gun. His already has custom silver shells made by Singh. That's the local blacksmith making bullets for the townspeople. - Kooshmeister

hey, somebody put the upload file directions in the main page... If the one who made that is reading, you have to upload the files with the upload file option in the toolbox, and then, copy the url to a link, using the embedded file button, on the editing window (and looks like the image above)If you have legal screens, please upload

Perhaps it isn't a Paradox Gun

There is a site called Nitro Express Forums. It's dedicated to fine rifles and shotguns. It's main focus is Dangerous Game rifles. Many of the posters are evidently very wealthy and own many double rifles as well as large caliber bolt action rifles and fine shotguns. They also seem to have done their share of big game hunting in Australia and Africa. I found a post about this movie and they were laughing at the fact that the double pictured isn't an H&H Paradox but it instead an 8 gauge double shotgun. One of the members informed the posters that we here on imfdb are very willing to correct any mistakes, welcome knowledgable contributers and that the best course of action is to register and then go ahead and correct any mistakes. I was feeling a little put upon until I found that members posting. So perhaps some of those experts in doubles will be coming along and contributing. I've done what I can whne it comes to the big doubles, Howdah pistols and so on, but I don't own any of them and I am forced to rely on what I've learned through research. We shall see. --Jcordell 08:52, 22 February 2010 (UTC)

Here is the thread on Nitro Express.


hey there was a lee speed 303 used by laurence at the gypsy camp ,he took it out of the scabered on his horse.

I don't think it is a Paradox because the trigger guard shape doesn't really match it, and it does look like quite a massive gun so it could very well be an 8 gauge. btw, I think Lawrence (Del Toro) was using a Spencer 1860 when the werewolf first attacks the gypsie camp and then jumps him, but it was really hard to tell (I saw it in theaters) so if I don't pick it up before someone screencaps I'll have to quell my curiosity on that one. - Gunmaster45

spencers werent bolt action rifles if you pause the movie when he cocks the rifle youll see. dalemac37

Winn 95

I think it is a SMLE Jungle Carbine, not a Winchester. -Winn


Scratch that, its a Birmingham Small Arms Lee-Speed Sporter.


Silver Bullets

Are these rifle or revolver bullets? Abberline gives them to Carter but he has both a rifle and his Bulldog and I can't tell one bullet from another.

Silver bullets given to Carter at the film's climax.

- Kooshmeister

Those are .455 Webley revolver rounds - but the bullets sure look like lead to me. - Nyles

Aberline's Revolver

I'm on vacation at the moment and can't confirm, but I think Aberline's revolver was a Webley Green. I seem to remember a fairly clear shot of the bird's head grip. - Nyles

It was. --Jcordell 13:14, 5 July 2010 (UTC)

Talbot's unknown rifle

Based on the thickness of the barrel I think we can rule out the gun being a shotgun. It's definitely not easy to tell what it is based on the shots given but my guess was Spencer 1860 since I first saw the movie. Not even close to 100% sure though. - Gunmaster45

If we are talking about when he is in the gypsy camp, then I am pretty sure that it is another Martini-Henry Sporter rifle. It has a weird lug thing under the barrel that the spencer does not have, and when he aims the rifle, you can see the unique shape of the breech of the weapon.

You're absolutely right, it is one of the Martini-Henry's. - Gunmaster45

the rifle used by john talbot was i believe a 10bore express rifle . the bottom line is you dont have any need for express sights on a shotgun also the shells and the breach didnt look big enough to be a 8 bore and as for it being a pinnfire i dont believe that either. dalemac37

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