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Talk:Eight Legged Freaks

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The film is'nt set in Texas it's set in Arizona.

Thank you. Now I remember some type of handgun and a crossbow in this movie, expand. And brush up on your English ;) - Gunmaster45
Yeah im seeing this movie, an while they hide in the mall, in a store there is the crossbow, i think that the handgun is a beretta. Dillinger

M1 Garand

At about 45 mins into the film, when one of them is gearing up he picks up an M1 Garand and misquotes it as the "Lee Oswald gun". Don't have a pic, but there's a clear shot of the receiver and it's definitely a Garand.--Recon42 12:04, 12 June 2012 (CDT)Recon42

Though there may be a garand in the movie, CHECK the page first. You are mistaken about the quote and what gun they are holding when it is uttered. It has been chronicled on this page. :) Thanks. MoviePropMaster2008


When Sam asks the townspeople to look in the mall for weapons, one named Mark (John Storey) grabs a crossbow out from the sporting goods store. Sam is also seen using it. In a deleted scene Gladys (Eileen Ryan) is seen holding it while Mark takes off his jacket before giving it back to him.

Mark behind Sam and her daughter Ashley (Scarlett Johansson) holds the crossbow.
Sam uses the crossbow.

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