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Murder in a Winter Yalta (Vbyvstvo u zymoviy Yalti)

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Murder in a Winter Yalta
(Vbyvstvo u zymoviy Yalti)
Vbyvstvo u zymoviy Yalti poster.jpg
Movie poster
Country UKR.jpg Ukraine
Directed by Aleksandr Muratov
Release Date 2006
Language Ukrainian
Studio Dovzhenko Film Studio
Main Cast
Character Actor
Leonid Prokhorenko Oleg Savkin
Akhtem Ablayev Mustafa Kurtmulayev
Colonel Filipovych Vladimir Nechiporenko
Danylo Tkachuk Nikolay Shutko
Serhiy Hnizdylo Anatoliy Yashchenko
Vadyn Kozlovskyy Yuriy Frigan
Mykola Popov Oleg Primogenov
Kozlovskyy's Wife Elena Bondareva-Repina
Tyutin Leonid Titov
Olha Nataliya Ivanska

Murder in a Winter Yalta (Ukrainian: Вбивство у зимовій Ялті; Vbyvstvo u zymoviy Yalti) is a 2006 Ukrainian crime detective.

Prokhorenko, an investigator from the Yalta Prosecutor’s Office, is conducting an investigation into the murder of an accountant from the one company. In the issue, it turns out that the real killer was not one of those suspected before.

Note: Several sources transliterated the title as Vbyvstvo v zymoviy Yalti or Ubyvstvo v zymoviy Yalti. However, it's incorrect, as Ukrainian letter "u" before consonants letters always pronounced as "v".

The following weapons were used in the film Murder in a Winter Yalta (Vbyvstvo u zymoviy Yalti):



The Viy, the Ukrainian designed and producing rubber firing variant of the Makarov PM is the duty firearm of the militsioneer (Ukrainian policeman) Akhtem Ablayev (Mustafa Kurtmulayev), who draws it two times. At the one scne, his pistol appeared in the hands of Mykola Popov (Oleg Primogenov).

Ukrainian Viy - 9x22mm RA.
Akhtem draws his duty siderm during the raid.
Akhtem draws the Viy at the night scene.
Akhtem aims his Viy pistol.
Akhtem holds his pistol.
Mykola Popov tookes the Viy pistol from the vounded Akhtem


Berkut (Ukrainian SWAT) members uses AKMS rifles at the two scenes.

AKMS - 7.62x39mm
Berkut members during the raid, armed with the AK rifles.
Berkut member with the AK rifle.
Amother Berkut member holds his AK rifle.
A better view of the folded stock.
The Berkut member with the AK rifle.
The Berkut member with the AK rifles at the final scene.

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