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Lyubovnitsy poster 1.jpg
English poster
Country RUS.jpg Russia
Directed by Elena Hazanova
Release Date 2019
Language Russian
Studio Super
Revolution Film
KVFilm production
Main Cast
Character Actor
Ira Paulina Andreeva
Masha Yuliya Aleksandrova
Alisa Aleksandra Bortich
Sima Mariya Shalayeva
Oleg Gosha Kutsenko
Director Maksim Lagashkin
Petrovich Sergey Garmash
Mikhail Yuriy Stoyanov
Max Yuriy Chursin
Christina Aleksandra Lupashko

Mistresses (Russian: Любовницы; Lyubovnitsy) is a 2019 Russian comedy.

The following weapons were used in the film Mistresses:


Note: Several promotional images are to large, to uploading in original dimension, so, it's uploaded in two versions: cropped, that show only weapon in perfect definition and full-scale, but with reduced quality.

Makarov PM

Masha (Yuliya Aleksandrova) pulls a Makarov PM at the one point.

Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
Masha raises her PM...
...and aims it.
A slightly other view of the same scene.
Note the rather small caliber of the pistol.
Masha holds Max (Yuriy Chursin) at gunpoint.
Another view of the same scene.
The ejection port is seen.

Zoraki 917

Ira (Paulina Andreeva), Masha (Yuliya Aleksandrova) and Alisa (Aleksandra Bortich) fire Zoraki 917 pistols at the shooting range.

Zoraki 917 T - 9mm PAK
Alisa aims her Zoraki in a promo shot.
Ira, Masha and Alisa fire their Zorakis.
Another view of Masha..
...and Ira at the same point.
Masha fires her Zoraki.
Note the pistol cycling and empty casing.
Another perspective.
The pistols cycling is perfectly seen.
Masha fires.
All pistols run of ammo.

Glock 19

A Glock 19 is seen in a promo shot.

Glock 19 (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm Parabellum
The Glock 19 in a promo shot.

Beretta M9A1

Alisa (Aleksandra Bortich) holds a Beretta M9A1 on the promo shots, but not at the complete movie. Masha (Yuliya Aleksandrova) holds the similar pistol on the covers of magazines.

Beretta M9A1 - 9x19mm Parabellum
Alisa holds her pistol on the promo shot.
A cropped and closer view of her sidearm.
Alisa (at the right) holds her pistol.
Masha aims her pistol at the magazines' covers.

Remington Model 870

A Remington Model 870 can be seen in the hands of Ira (Paulina Andreeva) on the promo shot, but not at the complete movie.

Remington 870 Police Magnum with black synthetic furniture - 12 gauge
Ira holds the shotgun on the promo shot.
A cropped and closer view of her shotgun.
Ira (at the center) holds her shotgun.

Smith & Wesson Model 36

A cartoon Smith & Wesson Model 36 appeared during the opening.

Smith & Wesson Model 36 - .38 Special
A close up.

Glock-Style pistol

A cartoon Glock-Style pistol is seen during the opening.

Two Glock-style pistol is fired akimbo.

Gun Posters

Numerous gun posters are seen hanged on the walls of shooting range.

Numerous gun posters can be seen at the background.
A ditto.
A ditto.

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