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Janosik poster.jpg
Original poster
Country CZE.jpg Czechoslovakia
Directed by Jaroslav Siakel
Release Date 1921
Language Silent
Studio Tatra Film Corporation
Main Cast
Character Actor
Juraj Jánošík Theodor Pistek
Anička Maria Fabryova
Count Šándor Vladimír Srámek
Highwayman Hrajnoha P. Kutný
Priest František Horlivý

Jánošík is a 1921 silent film and the first Slovak language feature film. The plot revolves about life of the real Slovak brigand and national hero, Juraj Jánošík. The story takes place in the early 18th century (before 1713, the year of Jánošík's death), but many of the weapons that appear in this movie were designed more than a hundred years later.

The following weapons were used in the film Jánošík:


British Heavy Dragoon Pistol

Brigand Hrajnoha (P. Kutný) carries a British Heavy Dragoon Pistol on his belt. Later, he gives it to Juraj Jánošík (Theodor Pistek).

British Heavy Dragoon Pistol - .62 caliber
Hrajnoha with the pistol on his belt.
Jánošík fires a pistol, taken from Hrajnoha. The flash from the blasting aperture means that this is a genuine flintlock pistol that was available during the 1920s.
Janosik pistol 1 4.jpg

Oriental Flintlock pistol

Several brigands are armed with the Oriental Flintlock pistol.

Turkish Flintlock Pistol.
Brigands with the pistols.

Saint Etienne 1810 Model An XIII Cavalry Pistol

Brigand Hrajnoha (P. Kutný) uses a Saint Etienne 1810 Model An XIII Cavalry Pistol at the film's climax.

Saint Etienne 1810 Model An XIII Cavalry Pistol - .69 cal
Hrajnoha holds the pistol and the musket...
...and falls after being shot.

Belgian E.I.C. (East India Company) pattern flintlock pistol

A Belgian E.I.C. (East India Company) pattern flintlock pistol can be seen in the hands of one brigand.

Belgian E.I.C. (East India Company) pattern flintlock pistol - .69 cal
The brigand with the pistol tucked into his belt. The grip is seen.
Brigand brandishes his pistol.

Flintlock Pistol

Various Flintlock Pistols can be seen in the hands of several brigands.

Janosik pistol 7 1.jpg
Janosik pistol 7 2.jpg
Janosik pistol 7 3.jpg
A brigand fires.
Janosik rifle 1 5.jpg

Percussion Cap Pistol

Several soldier, includng Pišta (Jozef Chylo), fire Percussion Cap Pistols during the manhunt. Juraj Jánošík (Theodor Pistek) uses another Percussion Cap Pistol in the church.

Italian (Kingdom of the Two Sicilies) Percussion cap pistol, converted from flintlock, circa mid-19th century - .69 caliber (17.7mm)
A soldier fires.
Good view of the percussion lock of the pistol in the hands of Jánošík.

Double Barreled Percussion Cap Pistol

Several heavily anachronistic Double Barreled Percussion Cap Pistols can be seen hanging on walls.

Double barreled percussion cap pistol.
At the right.
Janosik pistol 2 4.jpg

Unknown Pistols

Several unknown pistols are seen hanging on walls. Several brigands, including Hrajnoha, use other muzzleloading pistols.

Double barreled percussion cap pistol (at the left) and two unknown pistols hanging on the wall. The general shape of the pistol at the center resembles a Allen & Thurber Pepperbox, but it's only guess.
A pistol hanging on the wall. The hammer's shape is similar to a percussion cap pistol, but that may just be an illusion.
Assorted pistols are seen at the left along with a Turkish musket. An unknown musket hangs at the right.
Closer view of the same guns. The pistol on the bottom has some resemblance to a Augustin Model 1851.
Hrajnoha aims his pistol. This pistol has some Wheellock features, but the dog (if this part of the lock is the dog) is too small for wheellock pistols of this size.


Percussion Rifle

At least two brigands use heavily anachronistic percussion rifles.

A brigand at the left with the rifle.
Janosik rifle 1 2.jpg
Good view of the percussion lock
A brigand fires.
The typical percussion lock hammer is seen.

Steyr Mannlicher M1895

Soldiers carry very anachronistic (for the 18th century) Steyr Mannlicher M1895 rifles.

Original Austro-Hungarian Steyr Mannlicher M1895 - 8x50mmR Mannlicher
Janosik rifle 5 1.jpg
Note magazine shape.
Janosik rifle 5 3.jpg
Janosik rifle 5 4.jpg
Muzzle shape is seen.
Janosik rifle 5 6.jpg

Chassepot 1866

Several soldiers are armed with the anachronistic Chassepot 1866. This rifle can be ID'd by the yataghan bayonets (the only other rifle with a yataghan bayonet is the breech-loaded Werndl Rifle, which lacks a bolt handle, while screen rifles are single-shot bolt action).

French 1866 Chassepot Rifle with yataghan bayonet - 11 mm.
Note the yataghan bayonets.
The bolt handle is seen.
Note the lack of magazine.
Note the massive rear part of the bolt action.


Brown Bess Carbine

One brigand uses a flintlock long gun during the final shootout. It is very unclear, but the general shape resembles a Brown Bess Carbine. Another (probably the same) musket with the same shape is seen in the hands of another brigand during the robbery.

Modern reproduction Brown Bess Carbine - .75 caliber
Brigand fires.
Flintlock frizzen is seen.
Brigands with the muskets.

Turkish Flintlock Musket

A Turkish Flintlock Musket is seen hanging on a wall.

Turkish Flintlock Musket
At the left among pistols.

Unknown Muskets

An unknown musket is seen hanging on a wall. Several brigands also use an unknown muskets.

The musket is hung along with a halberd under the shield.
An inverted musket is hung at the right. While the curved stock may help with an ID, the lock isn't seen, so it could be either a flintlock or percussion rifle.
A brigand with the musket slung his back. The only clear detail is the lack of barrel bands.
Brigand with the musket while being shot.
Hrajnoha holds the musket and pistol...
...and falls after being shot. The muzzle shape is similar to a Charleville, but the screen gun is too short for a Charleville and has only one barrel band.

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