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Fracture (2007

Fracture is a 2007 legal thriller starring Ryan Gosling as Willy Beachum, a young LA assistant district attorney who takes on one last case before he goes to the private sector. He then finds something peculiar when Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins), the defendant accused of first degree murder, seems to have an unusual sense of confidence that he can beat the case. The film was directed by Gregory Hoblit and the cast included Rosamund Pike, Billy Burke, and David Strathairn.

The following weapons were used in the film Fracture:


Do NOT read the description if you don't want the answer to the film's mystery revealed, which concerns a gun used by a character in the film.

Glock 21

The weapon which Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins) uses to shoot his wife Jennifer (Embeth Davidtz) in the face is a 2nd Generation Glock 21 in .45 ACP. This is revealed when the detectives investigating the shooting tell Assistant District Attorney Willy Beachum (Ryan Gosling) that the shell casings recovered were .45s. It's also possible to see close-ups of the gun (mostly, forensics photos taken as evidence) where the weapon clearly says ".45 Auto" across the slide, plus its grip is too thick to be any of the smaller-caliber full-size Glocks (such as the -17 in 9mm or the -22 in .40 S&W). The Glock 21 is also carried by Lt. Rob Nunally (Billy Burke).

However, there is a major continuity error regarding this gun - at the end of the film, it is revealed that Crawford planted his own Glock 21 on Lt. Nunally, who was having an affair with his wife, and then took Nunally's duty Glock 21, which he used to shoot his wife. In the flashback where Crawford is shown switching the guns, both of the Glock 21s seen are 2nd Generation models. However, later, after the trial has ended and Crawford is given back his Glock 21, it is quite clearly a 3rd Generation model (recognizable by the accessory rail beneath the barrel and finger grooves in the grip). If this had actually been the gun that Crawford planted on Nunally, one would think that the mystery could have been solved rather easily, because Nunally would have recognized that the Glock he was carrying was a newer version than his own!

In reality, this continuity error may be a result of the fact that the ending seen when the film was released in theaters was actually the result of a reshoot and the weapon was not matched perfectly (the original ending dealt with the discovery that fingerprints on the bullets in the Glock's magazine didn't match Detective Nunally's).

Glock 21 (2nd Generation) .45 ACP
A close-up of the Glock 21 as Ted Crawford shoots his wife with it. The .45 ACP bore of the G21 is clearly visible here.
Crawford pulls back his Glock.
Crawford confronts Nunally with his Glock hanging at his side.
Another Glock 21 in Nunally's glove compartment when he's thinking about planting the weapon on Crawford.
Willy Beachum has a flashback to the case file, and sees the picture of the Glock 21 in it. Note the thick grip.
Crawford switches his Glock 21 for Nunally's. Note that these are both Gen 2 models, even though later, Crawford's Glock is shown to be the newer Gen 3 model.
Nunally's Glock 21 (which is actually revealed to be the weapon used by Crawford in the shooting) after he commits suicide with it.
Glock 21 (3rd Generation) .45 ACP
Beachum holding Crawford's Glock 21, which is now a 3rd Generation model (note the accessory rail on the frame and the finger grooves in the grip). This continuity error may be a result of the fact that the ending seen in the released film was actually the result of a reshoot. If this were actually the gun that Crawford had switched out, the movie would have been a lot shorter.

Heckler & Koch MP5A2/A4

The SWAT team that arrives at Ted Crawford's house is armed with Heckler & Koch MP5 variants with fixed stocks and Navy trigger groups. They are either the MP5A2 or the MP5A4, depending on the number of firing positions (which is not visible).

Heckler & Koch MP5A4 9mm - The A4 has an additional option on the selector for '3 round burst' thus possessing four fire options - Safe, Semi Auto, 3 round burst and full auto.
A SWAT officer checks Jennifer Crawford with his H&K MP5 (A2 or A4?) slung over his back.

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