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Cinema poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by Ted Demme
Release Date 2001
Language English
Apache languages
Studio New Line Cinema
Distributor New Line Cinema
Main Cast
Character Actor
George Jung Johnny Depp
Mirtha Jung Penélope Cruz
Barbara Buckley Franka Potente
Diego Delgado Jordi Mollà
Fred Jung Ray Liotta
Pablo Escobar Cliff Curtis

The following weapons were used in the film Blow:


Colt M1911A1

Several Colt M1911A1s are used during the film. A South American drug dealer, Alessandro (Miguel Perez), who Diego Delgado (Jordi Mollà) had a falling out with sticks a black 1911 in George Jung's (Johnny Depp) mouth. When George goes to see Diego on Norman Cay, he holds an unloaded silver 1911 with diamond grips to Diego's head and then his own. In real life, George Jung's favorite weapon of choice was a nickel-plated Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum revolver with walnut grips.

M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP.
Alessandro sticks a gun in George's mouth.
Commercial Satin Nickel M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP. Manufactured on license by Remington Rand.
George holds his .45 to Diego's head. Note you can see that he is really pressing the gun against his head as the slide comes out of battery.
George presses the gun into Diego's forehead.

Smith & Wesson 915

During the montage showing George and Mirtha's "romance" leading up to their marriage, George (Johnny Depp) holds a Smith & Wesson 915 on Mirtha. This would be anachronistic as this scene takes place in 1977, several years before the S&W 915 was developed.

Smith & Wesson 915 - 9x19mm.
George holds a S&W 915 on Mirtha.


Smith & Wesson Model 66

During the montage showing George and Mirtha's "romance" leading up to their marriage, Mirtha (Penelope Cruz) holds a Smith & Wesson Model 66 on George.

Smith & Wesson Model 66 Snub with 2" barrel - .357 Magnum
Mirtha holds a S&W Model 66 on George.

Colt Detective Special

One of the South American drug dealers during George and Diego's argument pulls out a third-generation Colt Detective Special.

Colt Detective Special 3rd Gen - .38 Special
A drug dealer holds his Detective Special.

Smith & Wesson Model 15

One of the South American drug dealers during George and Diego's argument pulls out what appears to be a Smith & Wesson Model 15 with a 4" barrel.

Smith & Wesson Model 15 .38 Special
A drug dealer holds his Smith & Wesson on George.

Smith & Wesson Model 10 Snubnose

One of the South American drug dealers during George and Diego's argument pulls out a Smith & Wesson Model 10 with a two inch barrel.

Smith & Wesson Model 10 snub nose revolver - .38 Special
A drug dealer holds his S&W Model 10 on Diego.

Smith & Wesson Model 15 Snubnose

The "waiters" (undercover FBI and DEA agents) who arrest George at his 38th birthday party carry Smith & Wesson Model 15 with two-inch barrels.

Smith & Wesson Model 15 Snub - .38 Special
A waiter holds his gun on George's party.

Submachine guns

M3 Grease Gun

Several of the guards at the cocaine manufacturing plant in the opening credits and some of Diego's guards carry M3 Grease Guns.

M3 "Grease Gun" .45 ACP
A guard in the opening credits holds an M3.
George is greeted by Diego's guards at Norman Cay holding M3 Grease Guns and M16 variants.
One of Diego's guards holds a submachine gun as George gets beaten up.



During the scenes in Colombia, the AKM and many different variants and copies of it are used by cocaine manufacturers and Pablo Escobar's (Cliff Curtis) guards.

Maadi ARM - 7.62x39mm
A cartel transporter with his AK during the opening credits.
Another cartel henchman with an AK during the opening credits.
Pablo's henchmen in Colombia frisk George when he arrives in Colombia.
Pablo's guards hold AK variants.


The Panamanian bank guards carry M16A2 rifles as George and Diego wheel in $30 million. Diego's guards on Norman Cay also hold M16 variants.

M16A2 Rifle - 5.56x45mm. Select Fire rifle (Safe/Semi/3 round Burst Only).
The Panamanian bank guards with their M16s.
One of Diego's men with an M16A2 as George is taken away.
The rifle used by Diego's man has carbine-length hand guards, so it is not an M16A2. Though I can't tell what it is from this picture. -MT2008


Ithaca 37

The police officers working with the FBI and DEA in Florida use Ithaca 37 shotguns when arresting George for the final time.

Ithaca Model 37 riot version - 12 gauge
Officers storm in to arrest George.

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