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Battlestar Galactica (2004) - Season 3

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Battlestar Galactica (2004-2005)

The following weapons were used in Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica (2004):


Colonial Standard Military Sidearm (FN FiveseveN)

From Season 2 to the end, this weapon became the standard Colonial Military sidearm. It is a slightly modified original-run FN FiveseveN. It keeps the underbarrel explosive launcher. This changeover allows for real semi-automatic fire and makes use of the existing stores of 5.7 x 28mm blank ammunition. The explosive launcher was muzzle loaded, and was featured in the second season episode "Valley of Darkness," but not prominently afterward.

Resin prop of the Colonial Standard Military Sidearm in the Battlestar Galactica series, based on the FN Five-seveN.
Caprica Sharon (Grace Park) holds the Colonial handgun in "Precipice" (S3E02).

Vektor CP1

A Number 5 or Doral (Matthew Bennett) holds a Vektor CP1 to President Baltar's head to force him to sign death warrants in "Precipice" (S3E02). Felix Gaeta (Alessandro Juliani) pulls the Vektor CP1 on Baltar in "Exodus, Part 2" (S3E04).

Vektor CP1 - 9x19mm
A Number 5 or Doral (Matthew Bennett) holds a Vektor CP1 to President Baltar's head to force him to sign death warrants in "Precipice" (S3E02).
A Number 5 or Doral (Matthew Bennett) holds a Vektor CP1 in "Precipice" (S3E02).
Felix Gaeta (Alessandro Juliani) pulls the Vektor on Baltar in "Exodus, Part 2" (S3E04).

FN FiveseveN

Several of the resistance fighters including Anders carry unmodified FN FiveseveN pistols.

FN Five-SeveN (Original Model), 5.7x28mm. This model is no longer produced.
On the right, Anders pulls his unmodified FN Five-SeveN pistol in "Precipice" (S3E02).

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP7A1

Another weapon used by the Colonials is the Heckler & Koch MP7A1. The major addition to the weapon itself is an ELCAN optical sight rather than a red dot or basic iron sights.

Hk mp7 b-1-.jpg
Lee is armed with the MP7 in "A Measure of Salvation" (S3E07).
Lee with the MP7 in "Rapture" (S3E12).
Anders fires the MP7 in "Rapture" (S3E12).
Anders with the MP7 in "Rapture" (S3E12).

Beretta M12

The Beretta M12 is one of the weapons recovered from the hidden cache during the escape from New Caprica.

Beretta M12.jpg


Beretta CX4 Storm

From Season 2 to the end of the series, the Beretta Cx4 Storm is the standard long gun of the Colonial Marines on board the Galactica and the Pegasus. The weapons themselves have various attachments including a rail system with red dot sight, flashlight attachments, and a custom flash hider.

Unmodified CX4
Screen modified gun
A Colonial Marine holds the Colonial rifle in "Precipice" (S3E02).

Norinco Type 84S-1

The Norinco Type 84S-1 is another weapon seen in the hands of a Resistance fighter after its recovery from the arms cache on New Caprica. The main evidence for the identification comes from the shape of the magazine, which appears to be a 5.56mm magazine and not a 7.62mmx39.

Norinco Type 84S-1 - 5.56x45mm
The Norinco Type 84S is seen in the hands of a Resistance fighter in "Exodus, Part 1" (S3E03).
Charlie Connor (Ryan Robbins) carries a Norinco Type 84S in Season 3's "Exodus, Part 2" (S3E04).

Machine Guns

Daewoo K3

A Daewoo K3 (fitted with RIS and KAC vertical grip) is glimpsed briefly in the Razor movie, used in the final assault on the Cylon Basestar and also seen in the arms cache in Season 3's "Exodus, Part 3".

Daewoo K3 - 5.56x45mm NATO
Daewoo K3 modified with Paratrooper stock, railed feed tray cover, railed handguard, foregrip, and plastic belt box - 5.56x45mm. This is the weapon used in 2009 film Driven to Kill, shown in the making-of. These modifications are commonly found on K3s in live-action productions.
On the left, a resistance fighter takes up the Daewoo K3 machine gun in "Exodus, Part 2" (S3E04).


Armsel Striker

This distinctive South African shotgun Armsel Striker makes a few appearances in the series but not in its primary role. Instead, as in numerous shows, it's shown as a grenade launcher.

On the right, the resistance fighter carries the Armsel in "Exodus, Part 2" (S3E04).


Cobray 37mm Launcher

On New Caprica, this single shot grenade launcher is picked up from hidden weapons cache.

On the right, the resistance fighter takes up the launcher in "Exodus, Part 2" (S3E04).

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